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Our message

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This means protecting your data is especially important to us. We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us by handing over your data for processing. As a symbol of the fact that we respect your rights and your privacy, we have formulated principles that we apply to the processing of your data:

  • We attach great value to transparency in the processing of your data. As a result we have paid special attention to our data privacy statement, in order to provide you with the necessary information on how we handle your data.
  • We consider it important for you to know the purposes for which we will use your data and when we will store them. We inform you how and to what extent we will process your data in our data privacy statement.
  • We only process your data to the necessary extent and solely use such data for lawful and justified purposes.
  • In some cases we will ask whether you consent to the use of your data. In such cases you can decide for yourself how and when we use your data. For example, we will never send you unwanted electronic advertising.
  • In some cases we will also ask you on our website and in our app whether you wish to store certain information voluntarily. This may be beneficial in allowing you to carry out your next ticket purchase more quickly.
  • Similarly, we will only send you targeted special offers at your request. The decision is yours.
  • Our goal is to continually improve ourselves. Contact us if you have any concerns.
  • We live by our principles, especially in the area of data protection. In the next few paragraphs of this data privacy statement, you can find out how we process your data as part of our various data applications.

Our data privacy statement contains explanations on the following subjects

When does this data privacy statement apply?

Our data privacy statement applies to anyone who makes use of one of our products or services, visits our websites or uses our apps. This includes: buying a ticket, including ancillary services, such as making a reservation, purchase of a customer card or use of our services.

We are continually developing our performance, provision and services. As a result we also continuously adapt the data privacy statement. However, we shall ensure that the latest effective version is always available to you.

Who is responsible for data processing?

ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG (ÖBB-PV AG), FN [company registration number] 248742y, Am Hauptbahnhof 2, 1100 Vienna, tel. +43 1 93000 0, is the controller under data protection law, as defined in Article 4(7) GDPR.

GDPR defines a controller as a natural person or legal entity, authority, institution or other body, which, on its own or in conjunction with others, decides on the purposes and means of processing personal data.

What do we mean by personal data?

By personal data we mean all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (hereinafter “data subjects”).

A natural person shall be regarded as identifiable if he or she can be directly or indirectly identified as this particular natural person, especially by means of allocation to an identifier, such as name, identification number, location data, online identification or several other special features in the particular individual case (e.g. voice). As a result, this includes data which can be assigned to you as a customer. For example your name, email address, phone number, booking code, ticket code or customer number constitute personal data.

Causes, purposes and sources of personal data and our legal basis

The legal basis for data processing under Article 6 GDPR consists of contractual performance, fulfilment of a statutory obligation, your prior consent or our prevailing legitimate interests, which may also include processing for other purposes.

Data which can be assigned to your person may be derived from the following causes, purposes and sources:

  • If you buy a product from ÖBB or a cooperating partner or make use of another service (for example ticket purchasing, buying a customer card, making a reservation or using the ÖBB mobility service). In general this can be carried out at ticket machines, at ticket offices on site or in ÖBB lounges, by phone through our customer service, via one of our external sales partners, online in the ticket shop or using our app.
  • If you would like to book a trip via the private ÖBB account or the ÖBB business account and create or already use an ÖBB account / ÖBB business account for this purpose.
  • If your employer (company, school, etc.) or another third party (e.g. association) has established an ÖBB business account for you and you have confirmed this account.
  • If you book a journey through our ÖBB Travel Office.
  • If you book or take out cancellation/travel insurance.
  • If you buy an annual season ticket or single ticket for the Tauern motorail.
  • If you register on our website or in our app and create an ÖBB account.
  • If you use our website tickets.oebb.at or our ÖBB app for timetable information for the purchase of a ticket or use a customer card and our new services.
  • If we validate your ticket or customer card (i.e. scan and check for validity)
  • If you buy a product from ÖBB or a cooperating partner through one of our external sales partners or on the booking platform of one of our third-party sales partners.
  • If you assert your rights as a passenger, or a subsequent additional fare request is involved.
  • If you make an application for reimbursement and compensation.
  • If there are outstanding debts which have not been paid by a customer.
  • If you contact our ÖBB customer service with any questions, requests, suggestions, complaints, criticism or other information (e.g. breakdown of a ticket machine). This also includes the processing of complaints in the course of payment processing, whereby in this case data is either provided by the responsible bank / payment service provider or feedback is given by us to the bank / payment service provider to process your request.
  • If we make a query with regard to our internal quality assurance, in order to continually improve our service.
  • If you use Scotty timetable information or a push service or any other service.
  • If you are a rental vehicle as a daytime user or commuter.
  • If you use our integrated mobility services.
  • If customer cards, annual transport association tickets or other employee credentials are misused.
  • For statistical analyses and internal risk analyses, in order to improve our services or systems, whereby the findings of such analyses do not allow any conclusions to be drawn on your person.
  • As required – where possible - in the event of contact with you being necessary by email or phone and where you have provided us with your contact data when making a ticket booking (for example large-scale cancellation of trains or any other breakdown, delay and other discrepancy, in particular if you have booked a motorail train).
  • If you have granted prior consent: to the electronic sending of offers and other general news about the ÖBB Group, its cooperating partners and information and recommendations adapted to you for the purposes of direct marketing.
  • If you wish, we will also provide you with location-based services, information and offers in our apps.
  • Postal delivery of offers for customer acquisition, until you advise us that you do not wish to be sent such offers.
  • If you voluntarily take part in pilot projects, usability tests, sweepstakes and other campaigns or in other customer loyalty programs.
  • If you use the contact form on our website to assert personal or property damage in the event of a train accident.
  • If you disclose your data to our train staff (for example due to personal or property damage, theft or any other incident or concern).
  • If ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG services (e.g. tickets, newsletter orders, push services) are used by a customer who has not yet reached the age of 14, the relevant customer shall ensure that the necessary consent of the guardian has been granted in advance.
  • If you book a flight and use this opportunity to take a passenger train to or from the airport and, as a result, we receive data from the relevant airline or its sales partners.

Information of data subjects according to Articles 12 et seq. of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Beginn der Änderungen zur vorherigen Version

According to the provisions of Article 12 et seq. GDPR, we would like to inform you on the following topics:

ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG (ÖBB-PV AG), FN 248742 y, Am Hauptbahnhof 2, 1100 Vienna, tel. +43 1 93000 0, is the controller under data protection law, as defined in Article 4(7) GDPR.

In the event of any questions on data protection or the use of your personal data, feel free to contact our data protection officers.

Contact data for data protection officers:

ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG
Am Hautbahnhof 2
1100 Vienna
Email: datenschutz.personenverkehr@pv.oebb.at

We will collect personal data ourselves, pursuant to Article 13 GDPR, in the following cases and for the following purposes:


  • you disclose your data to our train staff (for example due to personal or property damage, theft or any other incident or concern). In this case data and information will be used for a specific purpose in case handling and in holding judicial and regulatory discussions);
  • we levy an additional fare charge through our train staff or exercise our right of notification due to non-payment of the claimed amount;
  • you assert your statutory passenger rights under Regulation (EU) No 1371/2007, the Rail Transport and Passenger Rights Act, the Tariff and General Terms and Conditions of ÖBB-PV AG and use our written refund application to do so;
  • you make any other application for reimbursement and compensation;
  • you make use of our mobility service;
  • you buy an ÖBB ticket or customer card in person at a ticket office, in an ÖBB lounge or from one of our external sales partners, make a refund application, assert your passenger rights (including receipt of compensation for delay), submit complaints, make use of any other service that requires the collection of personal data (for example a change in data or additional data, creation of a customer account, etc.);
  • you deal with ÖBB customer service for telephone ticket booking or booking of any other service (e.g. mobility service) or utilize customer service for other issues (e.g. notification of breakdowns, etc.);
  • you are opening a private ÖBB account or an ÖBB business account;
  • you use the ÖBB Ticket Shop or Ticket App for online bookings and complete an electronic payment process (in this case, data are transmitted to the payment service provider to complete the transaction and, if necessary, carry out risk assessment);
  • you buy a customer card;
  • you contact our staff, our customer service, a ticket office or train staff with any criticism or concern;
  • you choose push services or any other service that we provide;
  • you book a service from the ÖBB Travel Office;
  • you reserve and use conference rooms in ÖBB lounges;
  • you take part in sweepstakes and other campaigns;
  • you take part in a customer survey or customer forum;
  • you are a customer of Rail & Drive and make use of a rental car;
  • you have registered as a test user for usability tests;
  • you have taken out a subscription to ÖBB customer magazine Railaxed
  • you can sign up for the newsletter (for example at www.nightjet.com);
  • you have submitted an affidavit for a competition authority procedure according to UWG [Act Against Unfair Competition] and have agreed to act as a witness in the course of a regulatory dispute, as required;
  • you have given your explicit consent in advance, for us to process your data for the purposes of direct marketing, in order to send you general and customized information, offers and services for your mobility and user behaviour by email or SMS, or contact you by phone.
  • If you use the contact form on our website to assert personal or property damage in the event of a train accident. No additional use of data is carried out for other purposes. Evaluations of a train crash are exclusively made anonymously, meaning that no conclusion can be drawn about a specific person.
  • If you show your ticket or customer card for the purposes of validation.

Personal data, according to Article 14 GDPR, shall not be collected by our company, but disclosed by a third party in the following cases and for the following purposes:


  • you want to participate in ÖBB proceedings for compensation for delay as an annual season ticket customer, the following personal data shall be transmitted each year in advance by the responsible transport association:
    • Customer data for the buyer and/or user of the annual season ticket: form of address, title, first name and surname, address, country, date of birth (if available), email address (if available), phone number (if available), intra-transport-association customer number.
    • Contract data for the annual season ticket, including areas of application: tariff code for the annual season ticket, number of annual season ticket, number for the primary season ticket, number of old annual season ticket, first and last validity date of the annual season ticket, date of last change to data.
    • You shall disclose the following data yourself upon registration: entry station, exit station, bank details and number of ÖBB customer card.
    • We will calculate any compensation for delay on this basis, to be transferred unrequested to your designated bank account following expiry of the valid period of your annual season ticket.
  • If you book a flight and take a passenger train to or from the airport as a result.
    • In this case the following data shall be disclosed to us by the relevant airline or one of your sales partners: given name and surname, flight number and planned departure time, train class, affiliation to a tour group, seat number. Documents and correspondence for customer complaints, as required.
    • Such data will be used for the following purposes: validation of travel documents in the passenger train or in the event of breakdowns (especially emergencies).
    • If we receive data from a bank / payment service provider (eg Paypal) for the purpose of processing a complaint. The following data can be made available to us in this case: First and last name, transaction code and transaction amount, invoice and processing number, presentation of the facts of the case by the bank and the other parties involved, as well as agreements, documents, time of contacting.
  • If you are a caregiver, you can take a special train from Vienna (Airport Schwechat/Vienna Central Station) to Timisoara and back. In this case, the data protection officer BTU Business Travel Unlimited Reisebürogesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung will provide us with the following data:
    • Passenger details (first and last name, date of birth, nationality and number of travel document, place of origin/region in Romania and telephone number)
    • Details of the Agency and Agent in Romania (name and title, address, contact details)
    • Travel information (wagon and train number, seat number, date, departure and arrival railway station in Romania, departure/destination (city) from/to Romania, means of transport from/to Timisoara Nord railway station
    • These data are used for the processing and management of the transport service, in compliance with the restrictions imposed by Covid 19. Data will not be passed on to third parties and will be deleted after 14 days.

Data processed for these purposes shall be disclosed as required and according to the intended use to the following categories of recipients:


  • the responsible banking institution / payment service provider for the purpose of the secure payment processing in accordance with the legal provisions and provisions of the payment service provider or for the prevention or clarification of cases of misuse (for the purposes of contract execution, Article 6 para. 1 lit. b and lit. f DSGVO).
  • the regulatory authorities in the event of arbitration proceedings (for the purposes of compliance with railway legislation and rights, Article 6(1) c) GDPR).
  • the assigned legal representative in the event of disputes under civil law (based on our legitimate interests in defending legal claims, Article 6(1) f) GDPR).
  • the locally competent administrative authority in the individual case (in particular tax authorities, driving licence authorities, Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH or trade authorities) for the purposes of observing statutory regulations and rights, Article 6(1) c) GDPR.
  • the locally competent courts in the individual case or other competent authority in the individual case (based on our legitimate interests in the defence of legal claims, Article 6(1) f) GDPR).
  • the responsible contractual partners, which provide services related to a booked journey to and/or at the destination itself (hotels, airline, partner railways, bus or taxi operators or rental cars within the scope of an integrated mobility service, local organizers, etc.)
  • the visa-issuing authorities, as required in the course of long-distance journeys, whereby reference is made to the fact that we implement the service of data recording and transfer to the competent authority, as processor in the individual case, as defined in Article 28f GDPR. Visa and passport data are not automatically stored if procuring a visa forms part of the order placed by the data subject. Data are therefore generally stored by the competent visa-issuing authority as required, which assumes sole responsibility for the use of stored data.
  • the competent domestic and international partner railway in the individual case for handling the case of compensation, for the mobility service or within the framework of an international journey (for the purpose of execution of the contract Article 6(1) b) GDPR).
  • the debt collection agency assigned by the controller for the recovery of outstanding debts based on our legitimate interests in the defence of legal claims, Article 6(1) f) GDPR).
  • the chartered accountant for the purposes of auditing (in order to observe statutory regulations, in particular applicable provisions of stock corporation law, Article 6(1) c) GDPR).
  • relevant cooperating partners in the individual case in the event of sales of the cooperating partner’s services by the controller (for the purposes of execution of the contract, Article 6(1) b) GDPR).
  • to other companies in the ÖBB Group or other cooperating partners in the event of you buying or using a product or service of the abovementioned.
  • to our commissioned processors, if they process personal data on our behalf. (Based on our legitimate interests, in particular in improving, simplifying and maintaining our database systems, Article 6(1) f) GDPR).
  • The competent competition authorities for the purposes of implementing competition authority proceedings, based on a statutory right or legitimate interest, Article 6(1) c) and f) GDPR).
  • Westbahn Management GmbH und Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH (SCHIG mbH) for the duration of the mutual ticket recognition (general preventive reasons according to Article 6 para. 1 letter f DSGVO)

Our data processing is therefore carried out in particular based on the legal framework conditions summarized again below (as amended):

  • Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in particular Article 6(1) a) (Consent), b). (Execution of contract), c) GDPR (statutory right or obligation), f) (legitimate interests) and (4) (Processing for other purposes).
  • Regulation (EU) No. 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23/10/2007 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations;
  • Federal Act on Rail Transport and Passenger Rights (Eisenbahn-Beförderungs- und Fahrgastrechtegesetz – EisbBFG)
  • Act Against Unfair Competition 1984 (UWG)
  • Trade Regulations 1994
  • Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on package travel and linked travel arrangements,
  • Act on Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements (Package Travel Act)
  • Code of Criminal Procedure 1975, as required
  • Introductory Act to the Administrative Procedures Act 2008
  • Administrative Penalties Act 1991
  • General Administrative Procedure Act 1991
  • General Civil Code for all German hereditary lands of the Austrian Monarchy
  • Telecommunications Act 2003
  • Federal Act on General Regulations and Procedures for Fees Administered by the Tax Authorities of the Federal Government, Regional States and Municipalities (Federal Fiscal Code, BAO)
  • Federal Act on Special Regulations of Civil Law for Companies (Austrian Commercial Code, UGB)
  • Tariff and General Terms and Conditions of ÖBB-PV AG, incl. the guide for travelling with ÖBB in Austria as well as other applicable general terms and conditions, contractual agreements and contractual obligations.
  • Conditions of participation for projects or special services.
  • Federal Act of 21 January 1959 on Liability for the Compensation of Damages from Accidents in the Operation of Railways and the Operation of Motor Vehicles (Railways and Motor Vehicles Liability Act – EKHG) BGBl. [Federal Gazette] No. 48/1959, as amended.
  • Federal Act on distance sales and contracts concluded outside business premises (FAGG) BGBl. I No. 33/2014, as amended by BGBl. I No. 83/2015, as amended.
  • Federal Act of 8 March 1979, by means of which provisions are adopted on the protection of consumers (Consumer Protection Act – KSchG), BGBl. No. 140/1979 as amended.
  • Federal Act on the Restructuring of Legal Relationships of ÖBB [Austrian Federal Railways] (Federal Railways Act), BGBl. No. 825/1992, as amended.
  • EU Directive on Payment Services in the Internal Market, amending Directives 2002/65/EC, 2009/110/EC and 2013/36/EU and Regulation (EU) No. 1093/2010 and repealing Directive 2007/64/EC (PSD2)
  • COVID-19 Laws and the related directives and decrees

We shall not transmit personal data to a third country or an international organization.

Ende der Änderungen in diesem Abschnitt

Storage period

In general personal data are only stored by us to the extent that this absolutely necessary and are essentially deleted following expiry of the statutory period of limitations under civil law of three years (e.g. customer correspondence) or in the event of invoice-relevant data after nine years (e.g. booked tickets, customer cards) according to § 212 UGB or §§ 132 et seq. BAO. A longer storage period is only implemented in justified individual cases, for example as a result of an ongoing civil law or regulatory dispute.

In particular we would like to highlight the following different subject areas:

  • In the event of invoice-related data based on other ticket purchases, acquisition of customer cards, validation data, booked journeys, applications for reimbursement, additional charges or procurement of a rental car, etc., such data shall be stored for nine years. The longer storage period serves to ensure that ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG can fulfill its legal obligations to provide evidence in the context of a possible financial audit.
  • Otherwise we save data that can be assigned to you for a period of three years, such as customer correspondence, use of other services (e.g. mobility service push services or another service within the scope of integrated mobility), merely taking part in sweepstakes, campaigns or customer surveys.
  • We will record you as a test user or subscription customer, if you have specifically registered for this. In the event of unsubscribing, such data will still be stored for a period of three years.
  • We store timetable connections without tickets as long as you wish to see this on your home page. If you delete them from the home page, they will also be deleted from our servers.
  • We will remember information relating to relevant tips and information displayed by our software for as long as your ÖBB account exists or until your browser history is deleted. This is the only way we can guarantee that we will not provide you with irrelevant tips or tips that are displayed several times.
  • Withdrawal of a declaration of consent or assertion of an objection to direct marketing according to Article 21f et seq. GDPR (blacklist): this information cannot be deleted, especially as it is kept as a negative list, thereby ensuring that you will not receive any advertising offers from us.
  • Data on the affidavit submitted by you will generally be retained and stored for three years, as required until completion of the legal dispute.
  • Personal data that you have disclosed to us for the purposes of handling personal or property damage on the website shall be stored for a period of one year. A longer storage period shall only be implemented in the event of a longer duration for settlement of damage (conducting legal or regulatory disputes).
  • Personal data disclosed by you to our train staff for the handling of personal or property damage, theft or other incident or concern will be stored for the duration of processing and for an additional three years until completion of case handling.
  • Data processed based on a legal or regulatory dispute will be kept available for a period of 30 years and may only be inspected and processed by certain employees.
  • Personal data disclosed to us by the airline or its cooperating partner will be deleted from the relevant subsystems after one month, where they relate to personal data for the validation of travel documents on a passenger train. Otherwise data will be kept available for three years for the purposes of handling legal or regulatory disputes.

Your rights

(1) Rights of data subjects

As the data subject in the individual case, you are entitled to assert the following rights of data subjects with us if we are the controller for the data processing:

  • a. Right of access (Article 15 GDPR)

    You have the right to demand information on which personal data are collected about you and held by us.

  • b. Right to rectification and deletion (Article 16 GDPR)

    You have the right to rectify any incorrect data concerning your person (e.g. spelling mistakes).

  • c. Right to erasure (Article 17 GDPR)

    You have the right for personal data to be deleted, provided such deletion is covered by the cases set out in Article 17 GDPR, for example if we were to wrongfully process data.

  • d. Right to restriction (Article 18 GDPR)

    You have the right of a data subject to demand that the controller restrict the processing of personal data about you if the requirements under Article 18 GDPR are present.

  • e. Right to data portability (Article 20 GDPR)

    You have the right of a data subject to receive the data provided by you in an interoperable format.

  • f. Right to object (Article 21 GDPR)

    You have the right of a data subject to raise an objection to data processing, provided the requirements of Article 21 GDPR are present.

If you wish to assert a right of the data subject, please contact us. The following contact options are available:

Contact data customer service:

ÖBB customer service
(Subject: assertion of rights of data subjects)
PO Box 222
1020 Vienna
Email: datenschutz.personenverkehr@pv.oebb.at

Please attach the following information to your application:

  • Copy/scan of an official photo ID, indicating your date of birth (e.g. identity card, driving licence or passport); and
  • in the event of an existing customer account, your registered email address.

This is because before we can reply to your request or make the necessary arrangements, we have to check your identity. The purpose of this identity check is to enable us to establish your actual capacity as a data subject, in order to ensure that personal data are not disclosed to unauthorized third parties (risk of misuse).

Once we have received your request and you have proven your identity, we will respond to your request within four weeks. In the event that we have specific questions as part of the reply, we will contact you and ask you to cooperate and assist.

(2) Complaints

Furthermore, you have the right to submit a complaint to the data protection authority, according to §§ 24 et seq. DSG [Data Protection Act] and Article 77 et seq. GDPR if you believe that we have breached obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Contact data:

Austrian Data Protection Authority,
1030 Vienna, Barichgasse 40-42,
Tel.: +43 1 52 152-0
Email: dsb@dsb.gv.at

(3) Withdrawal of consent

If you have consented to your data being processed for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without indicating reasons. We have described the method for exercising the right of withdrawal in the Chapter “Direct marketing - general and personalized advertising offers”.

Which data are essentially relevant to your person if you buy a ticket or customer card in the online area or use another of our services?

With regard to your person we store the following data in particular:

  • Name
  • Date of birth if disclosed to us or if required for our products and services. If you store children as passengers, we will always ask for the date of birth. Given that the age limits are different for our affiliated partners and international partner railways, this is the only way we can offer you the right ticket.
  • Age of the child, but always only for the current ticket purchase. As soon as you try to bookmark a child locally in the ÖBB app, we will ask for the date of birth. This is the only way the right ticket can be offered again for the next purchase.
  • Colour for bookmarked passengers
  • Colour and personal data for ME if indicated
  • Discount cards that you have disclosed to us
  • Number of a customer card if a card purchase can be assigned to your ÖBB account. We do not store such information for travel companions
    • Assignment to a private ÖBB account or ÖBB business account
    • Assignment to a customer type (private or business customer)
    • In the business area: Assignment to a specific legal person or other third party.
  • Passenger (adult/child/young person)
  • Information on journeys and mobility restrictions if you wish to save such information. This allows you to search automatically for transport connections for people with reduced mobility in the next ticket purchase
  • If you wish to deliberately bookmark family discount cards for transport authorities, we shall store them. We will also store relevant family relationships, allowing us to apply the family rate of the transport association to the next ticket purchase

We will store the following timetable settings:

  • Request for direct connections
  • Request for extended transfer times
  • Request for accessible connections
  • Request for exclusive use of train or regional train connections
  • Request for transport with option to carry a bike
  • Request for a timetable connection with an indication of an intermediate stop and requested length of stay at the intermediate stop

We store the following other settings:

  • Requested language
  • Request to receive a ticket automatically as a mobile ticket on your mobile device upon purchase
  • Animations on/off

We store the following data centrally:

  • Data concerning the shopping basket
  • Information for frequent use of our website and app or
  • Information for suggestions on frequently searched connections.

All you need to know about ÖBB customer cards

We have a wide range of customer cards on offer. Whether you’re looking to travel at reduced prices, explore Austria all year round without the stress, enjoy regular family excursions or simply commute, there’s a customer card to suit you.

When ordering an ÖBB customer card (Vorteilscard, Österreichcard), you will be required to provide your personal data. In particular, this includes personal details such as your name, date of birth and address and, in the case of a SEPA mandate, your bank details (IBAN and BIC). Providing a telephone number is optional and allows us to contact you if we have any questions. The above data will help us to personalise the customer card and are processed by ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG to complete your order. Entering your personal data is mandatory when ordering a customer card. Failure to provide the details mentioned above may result in your being refused a customer card (provision of a telephone number is optional).

You will need an ÖBB account to order online or via our ÖBB app. This requires you to enter an email address and password. This information will be saved.

Customer cards are produced by a reliable contractor. We take great care to ensure data are transmitted securely to the contractor. Data are exchanged in encrypted form only an access to them has been reduced to the minimum necessary extent.

All you need to know about the validation of customer cards, annual passes and tickets

Beginn der Änderungen zur vorherigen Version

During the journey, our train staff will validate your customer card, annual pass and / or ticket (i.e. scan and check for validity). Due to the temporary recognition of Westbahn Management GmbH tickets, these tickets are also validated by our train attendants.

When scanning, those data are visible on the train personnel’s device which can be found on your customer card or the ticket (i.e. card number, card validity, name of cardholder, card type and comfort class, departure and arrival time, train number entry and exit station). If a passenger train is used using an authorization issued by Westbahn Management GmbH, the URL contained in the QR code and thus the ticket code and ticket number is scanned. On our customer cards, the cardholder's date of birth is also displayed on the train staff's device to facilitate identification.

Our train staff also receive information on whether the customer card or ticket was valid at the time of validation. Scanning allows for an electronic control of cards and the ticket (as against a purely visual inspection) and in particular makes it possible to withdraw manipulated or wrongly used tickets or cards (for example if the validity period has already expired) from circulation. This would not be possible with a mere visual inspection.

Moreover, data are collected for our train staff, i.e. which employee performed validation when, where and how. Validation data can only be viewed by our train staff for a limited time.

We do not automatically evaluate the possible travel movements of our customers. In individual cases, an evaluation is carried out if a person concerned requests this information as part of their application for information under Article 15 DSGVO.

Validation is based on two different legal principles of equal value, i.e. (1) on the contract of carriage concluded with you, i.e. Article 6(1) b) GDPR, and (2) on prevailing legitimate interests, as defined in Article 6(1) f) GDPR, which consist of the performance of a necessary authorization check, removal from circulation of no longer valid customer cards and tickets, as well as preventing additional cases of abuse (general prevention) and complying with contractual obligations. Westbahn Management GmbH und Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH (SCHIG mbH) will pass on the following data for the duration of the acceptance of the tickets for the aforementioned general preventive reasons: Train number, time of validation and information on the scanned QR code.

Ende der Änderungen in diesem Abschnitt

All you need to know about your customer account

Private ÖBB account

In order to use all functions of our website and app, sign up and we will create an ÖBB account for you. This means you will use all your stored data independently of devices and browsers, and simplify and accelerate timetable queries and ticket purchase.

In order to create an ÖBB account, we need the following information about you at least: email address, password, form of address, your first name and surname and your date of birth.

Following data entry and registration, you will receive an email from us, to confirm your email address and activate the ÖBB account. Once you have confirmed the activation link, your ÖBB account will be active. The next time you log on, existing local data will be transferred onto your ÖBB account if you consent to this process.

In order to make use of additional benefits for your ÖBB account or to buy a personalized product, such as a customer card for example, we need additional personal data from you, i.e. date of birth and address, optionally also title and phone number. This means we can offer the relevant product for you. We will send your ÖBB customer card in credit card format by post and remind you of any renewal in a timely manner prior to expiry.

Your ÖBB account facilitates comfortable and quick ticket purchase without repeated data entry, by storing your payment data as favourite payment methods.

  • Your payment data will be stored by our payment service provider, which processes your payment data with the international PCI-DSS standard. If you have stored several favourite payment methods, we recommend the last used favourite payment method for the next ticket purchase. Naturally, you can change the payment method during the ticket purchase process.
  • You can delete a created favourite payment method at any time.

ÖBB business Account

In order to use our business services (website and app), business customers can create a business account. For example, you can register your company as a corporate customer and we will create an ÖBB business account for you.

This allows you to use all your stored data independent of devices and browsers and simplifies and accelerates timetable enquiries, ticket purchases, company structure management and the report function.

It's so simple: Name an administrator from your area who will do the initial registration. For an initial registration we need at least the following information: E-mail address, password, salutation, your first and last name, company name, address and a selection of industries.

After entering the data and registering, the named administrator receives an e-mail from us to confirm the e-mail address, initiate the plausibility check and activate the ÖBB business account. Only after a positive plausibility check will the payment on account and the business tariff be activated. As soon as you confirm the activation link, your ÖBB business account is active.

In order to use or manage further advantages of the ÖBB business account, we optionally need additional data, such as the structure of the company, employee names, e-mail addresses, employee role authorisation, employee discount cards, etc. This enables us to offer your employees or other persons assigned to the ÖBB business account relevant products.

The ÖBB business account also enables a pleasant and fast ticket purchase without repeated data entry by adding payment data in the administration. Payment data is stored by our payment service provider, which processes your payment data with the international standard PCI-DSS. The deposited means of payment can be deleted at any time by persons who have been provided with the corresponding authorisations on your site.


You have the opportunity to personalize your ÖBB account, by bookmarking yourself as ME and choosing a colour for your profile. Your customer account will be displayed in the colour that you have personally selected with immediate effect.

In the event that you no longer want to use your ÖBB account, you have the option of closing the ÖBB account again.

  • Your registration will be cancelled and your access data, email address and password deleted.
  • Depending on intended use, there may be longer (statutory) retention periods of up to seven years.
  • Your email address or customer number can be used again immediately after deletion to create a new personal customer account.
  • Stored journeys and settings for the deleted ÖBB account cannot be restored.
  • Each new account is created with general system settings.
  • If you close your ÖBB account, we will advise you separately of stored future journeys for which you have purchased tickets. You can still close your ÖBB account. You will then receive purchased tickets via the link “Receive tickets” in your email confirmation of purchase.

If you do not use your ÖBB account for longer than one year, we will automatically send a reminder to the email address that you have disclosed. You will then have two weeks to log onto your ÖBB account. We can close your ÖBB account automatically if you fail to use this account for a longer period, given that in this case we assume that you no longer want to use it.

All you need to know about the ÖBB Ticket Shop and ÖBB App

We have set ourselves the goal of allowing you to:

  • easily use our Ticket Shop;
  • as a business customer you can easily make ticket bookings in relation to your respective company structure;
  • quickly receive your timetable and tickets;
  • only receive relevant information on your journey; and
  • use our website and our app.

Our website tickets.oebb.at and our ÖBB app offer services customized to your personal needs, which simplify ticket purchase.

Transport association tickets can be purchased throughout Austria based on the timetable. In order to do so, simply enter the start and end point of the journey and you will receive the right timetable and the associated ÖBB or transport association ticket. You can purchase tickets without needing to know all the individual fares in advance, whether it be for the bus, railway or tram.

Auto-completion for simple selection of the start and end point bookmarks your most recent entries. Your timetable query will therefore proceed more quickly the next time. Registered users can use this service on all sales channels and devices when logged in. Regardless of whether you book your journey on a computer, on the Internet or using the ÖBB app on the mobile phone, with a logged-in ÖBB account we will store your last start and end point entries and offer you them for selection in your top station hits.

Recently searched timetable connections are provided for you in the future timetable search as a personal quick selection.

  • This means you are able to access your regular timetable queries for the next ticket booking without having to enter the start and end point of your journey.
  • If you make a timetable query, we will store the start and target location (and the intermediate stop, if any) of your travel request for this purpose. In addition, we will store details on whether you have searched for a timetable connection for an offer for individual tickets or day passes, or for weekly or monthly passes, or for a seat reservation without a ticket.
  • This means you can access your regular timetable queries for the next ticket booking, even without selecting the start and end point of your journey.
  • In this context however, we will not store your current location.

Using the function “bookmark person”:

  • you can store data for all persons with whom you regularly travel. This means you can quickly add this to your journey for the next ticket purchase. This saves you having to re-enter data, such as names or numbers of necessary discount cards for ticket purchase.
  • store data for all persons with whom you travel regularly. You can store the name, any discount cards and the date of birth of children and elderly people. This means you can quickly add this to your journey for the next ticket purchase without having to indicate these data again. If you wish, you can also assign a colour to your passengers.
  • Store data on your employees or other persons assignable to you and assign them to a business unit. This gives you a better overview of your accounting and makes it easier to book tickets for stored persons.

If you wish, when bookmarking your own travel data you can then advise us that this person is you. We will then store this information for your next journey as ME.

  • With immediate effect we will give consideration to your “I” for your future journeys in each bid preparation, with names, discounts, colour and, on request, date of birth.
  • Each new journey booked automatically has the “ME” as passenger. Then all you have to do is add other passengers.
  • If you ever buy a ticket for someone else, simply remove “ME” as passenger for this journey.
  • If you have added a discount card, for example a Vorteilscard [discount card], to your ME, you will immediately receive pricing information, including the relevant discount, for your future timetable queries.
  • These data shall be stored in the local memory of your computer or in the app if you use our applications without an ÖBB account.
  • If you have an ÖBB account and use our services when logged in, these data will be stored centrally and can thereby be used across sales channels.

We store the route for your ticket purchase. This means you can check whether the travel data have changed in the journey preview at any time. If we are aware of a different updated timetable, we will display this. We will delete the planned time from the timetable and replace it with the actually forecast time. We aim to keep you informed as far as possible at all times, allowing you to react to changes in travel data in good time.

Shortly before the start of the journey, the journey preview for your booking will become your personal travel companion. We will then advise you of the next relevant actions to your journey, for example: “Change trains in 10 minutes.”

You can always find the offer with the best price as the first offer on our website and in our app. If there is an additional offer for your travel request, which offers more flexibility in travel time or the refunding of tickets, we will advise you of this alternative. You can decide whether price or flexibility is more important to you for each journey.

You can cancel a purchase within 3 minutes of payment at tickets.oebb.at or in the ÖBB app. This is only possible if you have not yet acquired your travel card in the form of a ticket. You can subsequently return to the shopping basket and make retrospective changes to your purchase.

You can buy your ticket quickly with 2 clicks, by registering and storing your payment data in your ÖBB account. Make a quick display of the requested offer on the home page and this function can already be used. We store your offer request for the requested timetable connection (e.g. best price, reservation request, requested travel class, number of passengers). Then all you have to do is place it in the shopping basket with a click, and pay with a second click.

Store special timetable connections as favourites if you regularly travel on the same route with the same preferences. This includes:

  • Other passengers
  • Selected timetable filters, such as “only direct connections” or “changed transfer time”
  • 1st class journeys
  • Request for a seat reservation
  • Journeys on certain weekdays.

We only bookmark these data at your intentional request. This favourite is located on your personal home page and allows you to directly display timetable or offer information with one click when opening the application, without having to indicate data again for the current purchase or timetable request.

If you place your favourites on the home page, we will store your travel request.

  • You can enter this connection info manually and thereby set timetable filters, passengers and notice days.
  • If you are registered, this connection info for your journey will be visible on all registered devices (regardless of whether mobile phone or Internet browser). This means you will find timetable data on your regular journeys on your home page whenever you open the app or website and you will quickly access the next timetable connections for your individual travel request.

But you can also store connection info as favourites for a specific timetable connection. In this case, you can use an additional practical service with location definition: “Only display if I am near the target destination and display the start if I am near the start location”

For a specific journey we always bookmark the name of the person printed on tickets. This means we can be certain that a ticket is not used several times by different persons with fraudulent intent. As a result, please carry your photo ID for the ticket with you, to allow train staff to check on the correct use of the ticket on site.

If you are travelling with children or young people, we will bookmark the age of the children. The children’s age limits differ in individual transport authorities and countries. Only if we know the age of your children can we determine the right price for the ticket purchase and create the best offer for you. We are obliged to store the date of birth for international travel.

We will provide you with all known information about your journey. In this way, you will have the most detailed and current information about your journeys and able to respond to changes on time. Your travel companion in the ÖBB app and website has the latest information for you at all times:

  • where you have to transfer next;
  • how much time is left for transfer;
  • the timetable connection or
  • the platform has changed.

Your location information will only be used in the ÖBB app if you share it with us.

  • By switching on location services you can save time in the timetable query.
  • This allows you to search for a connection from your current location.
  • If you have stored a timetable or offer favourite, and selected the option that you would like the return journey to be displayed to you based on location, we will only use your calendar in the ÖBB App if you share it with us.
  • If you enter your journey in the calendar, timetable data for a booked journey will be imported into your calendar.
  • In order to do so, you will have to allow the ÖBB App access to your calendar in the device settings.

By payment information we mean information that we require for processing the payment. We will never store any payment information, such as credit or debit card numbers, expiry date, the card validation code (CVC) or user account and password data. We will only store payment information to a limited extent, i.e.

  • if we cannot implement cancellation automatically but have to transfer the cancellation amount retrospectively (in this case we will store the name of the applicant, IBAN, BIC, name of the bank and the address (postcode, city, country, street and house number);
  • in case of a specific booking, we will store the payment method (PayPal) or card type (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) and the last 4 numbers.

In all other cases, payment information (e.g. expiry date or the card validation code (CVC)) will be processed and used by a tested and certified payment service provider (Terminal Service Provider and Payment Service Provider).

In order to handle the payment process, we employ tested and PCI-certified payment service providers who process and use the payment information (e.g. CVC code or expiry date) to complete the booking. Data will be processed only for the purposes of completing payments on certified payment terminals (e.g. ticket machine, ticket desk, etc.) or at tickets.oebb.at or via the ÖBB app. These payment service providers are usually independent entities and therefore process your data in accordance with their own privacy policy.

In order to clearly authorise a payment, the payment service provider will require various pieces of information from us, such as e.g. identification data for browser and operating system type, which are saved by us and forwarded to the payment service provider for processing the payment.

The European Banking Authority (EBA), Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) and the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) prescribe strict authentication methods for combating online fraud. PSD2 aims at preventing online fraud with strict customer authentication rules applied to an increased number of transactions.

So-called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is an obligatory part of PSD2 and ensures a high level of customer protection and increased payment security. SCA is therefore required whenever you, the customer, start an electronic payment process or perform a transaction that poses a risk of fraud or other misconduct. In this case, you will be required to complete an identification process by providing a password and another identification factor as determined by the payment service provider. In certain exceptional cases, this authentication can be dispensed with. The decision to apply SCA or dispense with authentication rests with the payment service provider.

We are required to provide the payment service provider with the relevant data requested in order to secure your payment transaction (see in particular https://doc.wirecard.com/CreditCard.html#CreditCard_PSD2).

More information on this can also be found on the payment service provider’s own website (see, for example, https://www.wirecardbank.de/DSGVO or https://www.wirecardbank.de/datenschutzbestimmungen/).

For the purposes of payment risk management, as required in the specific case and as part of the purchase transaction, personal data may be transmitted in the absolutely necessary extent to the payment service provider, which then uses these data to conduct a risk assessment. Payment-related data will also be consulted for anonymised analyses.

The ÖBB App is distributed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (hereinafter (“Store”). Inclusion, distribution and use of the ÖBB App is therefore additionally subject to the separate conditions of these two stores, over which we have no influence, and which are compiled and asserted at the sole responsibility of the stores.

When using our website tickets.oebb.at or our ÖBB App, data on your ticket purchase will be stored by Html storage in the web browser or in local storage on your mobile phone. This ensures that all functions, such as “bookmark person” or personalized fast selection can also be used if you wish to use our software without registration. We will only store personal data for quicker transaction in future purchases if you wish to do so.

We would like you to learn the full scope of functions of our software. For this purpose, we have made sure that you will receive practical tips and information from us at an appropriate spot. We want to provide you with relevant information and not continually repeat this. This is why we store functions used by you for a maximum period of 18 months. As a result, you will always receive the right (not yet known to you) information in different web browsers and on different devices with the ÖBB App.

If you do not want us to store this information about your person, use our website or our ÖBB App without logging on. This means we will not be able to assign this information to your person.

Even if we store this information about your person, we will not conduct any personal analyses. We shall only use this information in anonymized form to identify any need for adjustment in our systems. This allows us to continually improve our applications and provide optimal support to our customers.

Ticket sales by third parties (on external booking platforms)

We have expanded our distribution channels for you. This means you can now also find our connections on partner platforms and in some cases directly book your ticket on our partner’s platform. If the booking is made at a partner, we merely exchange the necessary timetable and ticket information for ticket generation with the partner. Each partner is responsible for protecting data processed on its partner platform.

All you need to know about the integrated mobility service

ÖBB Shuttle

A fast and comfortable shuttle service can be booked to your destination (ÖBB Shuttle) in certain municipalities throughout Austria. You will be picked up directly from the station, taken to the hotel selected in the booking process and driven back from the selected hotel to the railway station on the departure date within the scope of the ÖBB Shuttle service.

You will automatically be offered the ÖBB Shuttle service when booking a ticket for a specific train journey (i.e. booking a ticket to your destination and back) if and when this service is available at your destination. If you wish to use the service, it can be booked together with the ticket during the booking process. Detailed rules on the ÖBB Shuttle can also be found in the Handbook for ÖBB Journeys in Austria.

The driver of the transfer vehicle (bus operator or taxi company) will wait for you at the station or, in the event of a return journey, in front of the selected hotel. Transfer services are carried out by our cooperating partner (currently ÖBB-Postbus GmbH).

The following data are collected on use of this transfer service in the course of booking: first name and surname, pickup location and destination, number of persons to be transported, data on validation, price and selected payment method.

In order to provide the transfer service, the above data will be forwarded to the cooperating partner (currently ÖBB-Postbus GmbH) in the event of a booking and from the cooperating partner if required to the third party providing the service (for example local taxi company at the destination) if the cooperating partner does not provide the transfer service itself.

ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG (as far as a train service is concerned) and the individual cooperating partner or third party commissioned by the cooperating partner (as far as the transfer service is concerned) shall perform this service under their own responsibility under data protection law. As a consequence, your claims/ rights under data protection law must be exercised in particular (for example a data protection information request) in respect of ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG and in respect of the relevant cooperating partner and commissioned third parties.

If you prefer, we would be happy to forward queries to the cooperating partner or commissioned third parties if required.

Rail and Drive service

In order to extend the mobility chain within Austria, ÖBB Rail&Drive cars are being provided at selected ÖBB stations. This car sharing offer is available to all registered ÖBB Rail&Drive customers.

To register, use the ÖBB Rail&Drive website https://www.railanddrive.at/ The verification process can then be completed at selected sales centres of ÖBB- Personenverkehr AG (i.e. ÖBB ticket desk, ÖBB travel agent and ÖBB lounges). Relevant sales centres are published on our website and can be viewed via the following link https://www.oebb.at/de/reiseplanung-services/am-bahnhof/last-mile.html. Alternatively the entire registration process can also be carried out at these locations. As a result we also provide computers at selected sales centres. This means you can start the registration process and/or complete the verification process locally. In order to use the Rail&Drive service, the following data must be disclosed: driving licence data, first name, surname, address, date of birth. Please make sure that you are able to verify data that you have provided on site with appropriate evidence. In particular make sure that the driving licence for the relevant customer has been issued in a Member State of the European Union. A physical and/or digital copy of the driving licence is taken on site. Collected data are held for a period of one week and then deleted or destroyed.

ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG will electronically share collected data and documents with Rail Equipment GmbH & Co KG, which is assigned responsibility for this service under data protection law. In the present case ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG acts as processor for Rail Equipment GmbH & Co KG.

Your claims under data protection law regarding the ÖBB Rail&Drive service shall therefore be enforced against Rail Equipment GmbH & Co KG.

Contact data:
Rail Equipment GmbH & Co KG
for the attention of data protection officer
Operngasse 24/4,
A-1040 Vienna

Data collected at the sales centre are recorded in their own data processing systems by the controller under data protection law, Rail Equipment GmbH, and used for the purpose of service provision. More detailed information can be found in the data privacy statement of Rail Equipment GmbH & Co KG (see https://www.railanddrive.at/de/datenschutzerklaerung).

Service for daytime users and commuters (use of rental vehicles)

In order to improve the commuter situation and make it easier to access public transport and the related economic benefits, we want to do our part to protect the environment and manage resources sustainably: This is why we hire vehicles and make them available to daytime users and commuters as part of a sharing model. They are made available to a limited group of users, and exclusively to persons who are named and authorised in relevant user contracts.

Daytime users can use the vehicle during the day on workdays. On the other hand, commuters are authorised to use the vehicles on workdays in the early and evening hours and at weekends and on public holidays.

In addition to personal data (such as name, address, phone number), the duration and data for usage authorisation, ID data (driving licences, proof of ID), data relevant to payment, data on damage caused and traffic violations will be stored in respect of the daytime user or commuter.

Daytime users / commuters will be sent the other party’s user data in order to ensure handover of the vehicle. Data to be exchanged have been restricted to the absolutely necessary extent, i.e. name and phone number. We have explicitly prohibited the use of such data for other purposes in the contracts.

All you need to know about other services

Scotty timetable information including push services (app/web)

General matters

Our timetable information service SCOTTY mobile and web offers you the opportunity to obtain information about timetables, stations or the current transport situation of ÖBB trains and several other transport operators. With the door-to-door timetable information you can query the fastest route from A to B throughout Austria and use other services. Moreover, additional relevant information is available, such as data on station or train equipment, as well as the opportunity to store journey data in your own calendar.

Data storage

SCOTTY mobile and web is a service which can be used without registration. This service is therefore always anonymous because storage of your contact data, location data, calendar entries, query results, etc. is not carried out by ÖBB. The only exception is if you make use of our push notifications. As a result, ÖBB cannot and will not use data for any other purposes. Your query results remain completely anonymous and will not be stored, meaning that we cannot and do not create user profiles.

How does SCOTTY mobile function from a technical perspective?

An active Internet connection is required for the installation of SCOTTY mobile on your device and to communicate with our information server, which calculates connection results for you. The right to use the Internet for this, depending on the operating system, is designated as “data services”, “Internet” or “access to all networks”.

Depending on the operating system used, many platforms (e.g. Android) display standardized security information as required by the operating system when first installing SCOTTY mobile or using the app. However, this explanatory information (e.g. reading confidential information, such as call records) do not refer to SCOTTY but to general default settings in the operating system and cannot therefore be modified by ÖBB.

In order to allow you to use all functions of SCOTTY mobile, it is necessary to grant further rights, allowing for access to specific data for your device. These rights may be withdrawn from the application again on request. There is an option for deactivation, depending on the operating system used, in the security and system settings and you can implement this personally.

In detail, depending on the operating system used, the granting of the following rights is explicitly requested by SCOTTY mobile:

Contact data: These will only be used to display the transport connection to or from a contact from your address book. Only city names, roads and house numbers are transferred. We will not store (nor cache) such data.

Position or location data: Your current location can only be identified for an optimal connection search by SCOTTY mobile if you wish, in order to search for travel connections from there or find stations nearby. Nor is caching carried out, and as a result the creation of movement profiles, etc. is not possible.

Movement and direction sensor, compass function: This function makes it easier to search for stations nearby. We will not store (nor cache) such data.

Calendar: SCOTTY mobile offers you an additional service to store travel data for your connection in your device’s calendar. This service is not compulsory, but is determined at your personal discretion. Depending on the operating system, the related security information “Read calendar dates and confidential information” or “Add or change calendar dates without the knowledge of the owners and send emails to guests” relate to this function. However, the actual contents of the calendar shall not be read.

Amend or delete USB memory contents: This access is only required if you wish to store SCOTTY mobile on the SD card.

Install links: This right is necessary in order to create shortcuts for connections and departure boards.

Read call list: This right is required as standard by the Android operating system if address data can be read from contacts. Information in the call list however shall not be read by SCOTTY mobile.

Photo, music and video libraries: This right is required for technical reasons in order to create live tile graphics (cards). No private data will be selected and no data written, which would be visible to other apps.

Camera: record photos and videos: this right is required in order to use augmented reality. No photos or videos will be stored.

Notifications: This right is required to receive and display push messages (e.g. delay information).

How does the “Notifications” function work in Scotty mobile and web?

A push notification is available to you both with Scotty mobile and Scotty web.


  1. Scotty mobile: in order to set up the push notification, simply search - as usual - for your connection and then click on the “Notifications” button. You will then receive a corresponding push message on your Scotty mobile app.
  2. Scotty Web: you can order an email notification via Scotty Web, by selecting a connection and clicking under “Details of the connection”. You can find the “Notifications” button there under the selected connection. After entering your email address, we will send push notifications to your disclosed email address.

As a result, you can decide whether or not you wish to use the function.

Notifications are completely free of charge to you. We will inform you if we have the necessary information on delays, changed departure platforms, risky connections, train cancellations or deviations and recommendations for the connection selected by you. As soon as there is any change to your connection, you will receive a push notification, provided we hold such information.


In addition, you can deactivate push notifications again at any time.

  1. Scotty mobile: you can delete your services in the “Manage notification” area or deactivate them for a specific period.
  2. Scotty web: any deviation notification shall be furnished with an unsubscribe link for this purpose, by means of which the service can be cancelled.

If you use the “Notifications” function, identification parameters, travel connection data, device IDs, relevant intervals and your email address are stored in Scotty web. Data are stored in case of one-off notification, as long as the selected connection is valid. If you have repeatedly set notifications on certain days, data shall be stored for as long as repeated notification is requested by you.

Scotty mobile analytical service

In the event of app usage, it records user activities without the option to draw conclusions on a specific person. The anonymous analysis helps us to further improve the app and adapt it in a targeted way to the needs of our customers. If you still do not request this analysis, you can deactivate the analysis in the app (see menu item “Settings” → “Record anonymous user activities”).

The analysis is conducted via an anonymous user ID, which does not allow for traceability or an opportunity to draw conclusions about the identity of a specific person.

Google Firebase Analytics is not used in our analyses and has been deactivated by us.

Legal information according to § 20(3) Rail Transport and Passenger Rights Act

We are legally obliged to inform our passengers about any breakdowns, about activities that are expected to result in breakdowns such as delays or train cancellations from transport services and the anticipated impacts. In case of personal bookings, such as reservations, there is an enhanced information obligation for other information technologies, where contact data are known to us.

As a result, we will send you email notification, regardless of whether you have registered for a push service, in the event of a ticket booked online or on a mobile device with a fixed departure data and time before the start of the journey, if we are aware of new travel information. In the event that you have made a booking in customer service or at a ticket office, you will only receive notification if and when you have disclosed your email address to us.

However, such notifications shall be issued at the earliest 3 days before the booked start of journey.

If you no longer wish to receive such notifications for a journey, you can simply cancel further notifications, by clicking on the link “Cancel notification” in the email notification “New travel information on your booking”.

ÖBB Alexa Skill on Amazon

Using ÖBB-Alexa Skill on Amazon train connections can be searched or departure information from railway stations queried (departure board).

Connection information contains detailed information on the journey, etc. Train number, duration of journey, platforms and the most affordable, currently available price. You can find further details on the functions of ÖBB-Alexa Skill in the description of the skill on Amazon.

Using ÖBB-Alexa Skill, only connections, pricing and other ÖBB information may be queried. Connections of other transport operators are not covered by this service.

In the course of use of ÖBB-Alexa Skill, no personal data of customers are collected and used by ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG. The ÖBB-Alexa Skill is used anonymously. ÖBB has no knowledge of whether you use ÖBB-Alexa Skill or which queries you make to the ÖBB-Alexa Skill, because ÖBB is unable to establish any personal reference to you.

In order for the service to be used, certain technical data are collected by ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG, which do not allow for any conclusion to be drawn on your person:

  • Date and duration of use
  • Queries to ÖBB-Alexa Skill (e.g. timetable connection)
  • Error reports in the use of ÖBB-Alexa Skill

Only those technical data are exclusively forwarded to Amazon by ÖBB which are necessary to allow for use of ÖBB-Alexa Skill.

In order to protect your data, data will be transmitted by ÖBB to Amazon or encrypted from Amazon to ÖBB by TLS 1.2.

Data collected and processed when using ÖBB-Alexa Skill are stored for a period of one year and automatically deleted following the lapse of this period. Access to data has been reduced to the extent that is absolutely necessary.

Onboard portal Railnet & Railnet Regio

The ÖBB onboard portal offers you as passenger access – if this is associated with WLAN on the train (“OEBB”) –, including service functions concerning the train and the journey, to the ORF-TVthek (ORF TV library) and free access to over 100 digital newspapers and magazines of Austria Kiosk.

In order to allow for use of WLAN and the onboard portal with all its functions, you need to consent to the terms of use when connecting to the WLAN. The terms of use also inform you about the use of cookies on the ÖBB onboard portal.

Cookies are used by the onboard portal in order to allow for the provision of a comprehensive and customer-friendly service. Cookies are used for the following functions: journey preview, ORF TVthek, data analysis by Piwik (Matomo).

When using the ÖBB onboard portal, no personal data for customers will be collected and used by ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG. The ÖBB onboard portal is thereby used anonymously.

Use of Google Maps

Google Maps constitutes an online map service, which looks at the earth’s surface as a roadmap or an aerial or satellite image, on which locations of institutions or known structures are also displayed.

We use Google Maps for the following purposes:

“Google Maps JavaScript API” is used for these purposes. No personalization is implemented and no cookies are set by Google Maps-API.

Provision of a mobility service for people with restricted mobility

We can organize optimal assistance for you at the station upon free advance notice at ÖBB customer service, at the ÖBB ticket desk, or at an information point at the station. Please let us know about your desired journey in good time (see https://www.oebb.at/de/reiseplanung-services/barrierefrei-reisen/mobilitaetsservice.html).

We require the following data for advance notice: (1) given name and surname and address; (2) phone number for queries and communications; (3) journey date, route (departure/transfer/arrival station); (4) disclosure of whether you are travelling with an attendant or luggage; (5) type of restricted mobility (wheelchair user, walking disability, visual impairment, other restriction); (6) disclosure of whether any aid is required (lifting device, railway wheelchair,...); and (7) disclosure of the meeting point at the station; and (8) wagon and seat number.

Data on a provided service shall be stored by ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG on a national level for a maximum period of three years and subsequently automatically deleted in order for data to be available in the event of customer queries.

In the event of cross-border journeys, data are transferred to a database provided by the International Union of Railways (UIC, Union internationale des chemins de fer), to which only relevant partner railways (partner operators) have access for handling the mobility service. This is intended to ensure that appropriate assistance is provided at an international arrival station or stations by the responsible international partner railways (partner operators). The provision of a cross-border mobility service was agreed internationally within the framework of a separate agreement. In particular, the scope of data disclosed in the individual case and the intended use were restricted to the extent that is absolutely necessary. In order to provide a cross-border mobility service, the following data shall be disclosed and stored in the UIC database until completion of the journey: journey data, title, first name and surname, email, language, type of restricted mobility, aid, other significant information, e.g. an aide or service dog, luggage, date of birth in the individual case, depending on the destination. The above data shall therefore be deleted immediately following completion of the journey in the event of cross-border journeys.

Door-to-door luggage service

You have the opportunity to use a luggage service for normal luggage items and special baggage for journeys within Austria in relation to a ticket (see fare regulations).

The booking can be made through our company (i.e. at the ticket offices or by phone in customer service). We are available to you as a contact for our cooperating partner (Q Logistics GmbH, 1120 Vienna, Pottendorfer Strasse 23-25).

The cooperating partner shall perform this service at its own responsibility. In order to allow the cooperating partner to perform its logistical service, the following data - assignable to you - shall be disclosed to such a partner for performance of the service, which you communicated to us when booking this service: first name and surname, phone number, email address, collection and delivery address, date of collection and delivery.

If you wish, we will be happy to pass on complaints and other queries to the cooperating partner as required.

Direct marketing - general and personalized advertising offers

General and customized electronic offers

We use personal data in order to allow general information, offers and recommendations and information, offers and recommendations customized for your mobility and user behaviour to be forwarded to you by our company or our cooperating partners (customized offers). However, this is only the case if you grant your consent in advance to let us contact you by email, telephone, SMS or other ÖBB channels (e.g. ÖBB account), in order to inform you in a timely manner about interesting offers, new developments and services.

In order to allow you to receive personalized advertising offers, we have adapted our previous declaration of consent. With one click you can receive general information and customized offers from us.

We also provide our existing customers, who have already consented to receiving a newsletter, with the opportunity to receive personalized offers, by allowing you to supplement your consent. In the event that you have no interest in customized and relevant offers and services, but are only interested in general contents, you may continue to receive this newsletter by refusing to supplement the new declaration of consent.

Your personal data will exclusively be used by us in both cases and not transferred to cooperating partners or other affiliated companies.

Depending on the content of the consent granted by you, you will receive offers and other information from us concerning ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG (for example on general services, sweepstakes and customer surveys and the ÖBB Group, i.e. including other affiliated companies (e.g. information on travel offers from Rail Tours Touristik GmbH or car sharing offers from Rail Equipment GmbH)) or other cooperating partners.

If you wish to receive customized information and recommendations adapted to you (based on your previous purchase behaviour and handling or your other personal preferences), we can forward these to you for:

  • our products and services;
  • current or individually tailored offers;
  • credit notes;
  • sweepstakes and campaigns;
  • customer surveys;
  • relevant services (in particular information on the ÖBB account and our apps);
  • product and travel recommendations; or
  • other customer loyalty activities.

The compilation of contents is based on evaluation of the following data: first name/surname, date of birth, address and contact data, details stored on your person regarding booking and customer cards and season tickets, discount, travel and credit note data, geodata, preferences and customer loyalty activities assigned to you, device and browser information, including user behaviour assignable to you or data on any mobility preferences or restrictions.

  • Details on booking data include for example your selected travel date and time, booked tickets, seat reservations, information on utilized offers or credit notes, information on the start and end station, the sales channel, selected timetable connections including intermediate stops, train types, wagon classes or compartments, information on booked night or day trains, currency used, vehicle data, bikes, accompanying dogs, as well as information on whether you are travelling alone, with other people or with a child (or children).
  • In order to provide you with customized information for customer cards and season tickets, we use details of valid/expired/extended customer cards, such as Vorteilscard [discount card], Österreichcard [Austria card] and any SEPA mandates, as well as details of acquired season tickets, e.g. hourly passes, weekly passes, monthly passes.
  • By discount data, we mean your discounts used in buying tickets, such as indication of a Vorteilscard, Österreichcard, city transport ticket, family pass, etc.
  • Travel data include information on already commenced or planned (booked) journeys, as well as details of such journeys referred to under booking data.
  • If you have added a credit note to your ÖBB account, we will use such information to deliver reminders to you about use for example. In the event that we have sent you a credit note by virtue of a campaign and this has not yet been used, we will also remind you about the valid credit note. Moreover, we will use the information once the credit note has been cashed and details of the booked journey or purchased product.
  • Geodata are used for so-called location-based services. Location-based services provide you with selective information by means of position-dependent data.
  • By preferences assigned to you we mean for example your connection favourites, your stored payment favourites, timetable connections stored by you (including other passengers, selected timetable filters, 1st class journeys, request for a seat reservation, journeys on specific weekdays), etc.
  • Customer loyalty activities include information and further details on previously sent sales and campaigns, credit notes, sweepstakes, customer surveys, recommendations and other information.
  • Device and browser information including user behaviour assignable to you includes information on your employed devices (computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.) with which you visit our websites and the associated web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.). This also includes information on whether you have downloaded and used the ÖBB App. Your assignable user behaviour includes for example details on the use of your ÖBB account with relevant devices and the ÖBB App (e.g. settings implemented, details of logins, added customer cards, ticket purchases and reservations, stored favourites, etc.).
  • We use data on any mobility preferences or restrictions in order to offer you relevant information, recommendations and services in the event of you needing a wheelchair place, an aide or service dog is also travelling, etc.



You are entitled to revoke your consent at any time, without indicating reasons. In this case we will not send you any offers or information by email or SMS, display them in the ÖBB account or contact you by phone for this purpose.

  • If you have declared your consent electronically, you can then declare revocation under “My account/ newsletter, info & service” in the ÖBB account.
  • In case of a newsletter, please click on the unsubscribe link and we will then no longer send you any emails. Activation of revocation may take up to 24 hours to be completed in the systems.
  • In all other cases please contact our ÖBB customer service at the following email address: kundenservice@oebb.at.


Further special information and offers, including revocation

You also have the opportunity to register for special offers and services, for example for the Nightjet newsletter, Scotty push service or information on usability tests.

Please note that any of these services which require separate consent must also be revoked separately. As a result, revocation of any individual consent does not apply automatically to all additionally submitted declarations of consent, but they must also be revoked separately.


Advertising sent by post

If we are aware of your address due to purchases and services, or we are allowed to buy services from third parties (e.g. from Österreichische Post AG), we can send you event-driven information, offers and recommendations by post. You can prevent the sending of such information at any time, by declaring your objection (see explanations below). Following receipt of an objection, we will no longer send you any other announcements.

Postal deliveries will also be made to our stakeholders at regular intervals, for example before the annual timetable change and ad-hoc for relevant subjects.

Please note that the annual invitation to renew the contract does not constitute a direct advertising measure. Based on existing contractual obligations (see our GTC [General Terms and Conditions] for the Vorteilscard or Österreichcard), we will also continue to send you this invitation to renew the contract, and even if you had exercised your right to objection, especially as such a consignment is not subject to the right of objection.


General objection to direct marketing

If you do not wish to be included in our direct marketing activities, you have the right to file an objection thereto (Article 21(2) and Article 22 GDPR).

If you have exercised your right and decided against any further use of your personal data for advertising purposes (in particular direct advertising), in accordance with your request, you will not receive any information, offers and news and can no longer log onto your ÖBB account for our “Newsletter, Info & Services” service.

If you wish to reactivate our “Newsletter, Info & Services” service in your ÖBB account, please contact our customer service at

ÖBB customer service
(Subject: Newsletter, Info & Service)
PO Box 222
1020 Vienna
Email: datenschutz.personenverkehr@pv.oebb.at

Anonymized data analyses

Statistical analyses shall be conducted for the following purposes in particular:

  • Are functions used regularly in our software? This allows us to check on whether specific functions are important for users of our website or app
  • Which tickets are purchased? This allows us to check on whether our product portfolio meets the demands of our customers.
  • Does navigation comply with the behaviour of software users? This allows us to check on whether we can design the purchase process more acceptably for our customers.

We also create anonymized data analyses, in which we evaluate personal data and information about age, gender, region, postcode, products, driving, purchase and user behaviour, in order to draw conclusions on the development of new products and services or to improve our existing service portfolio.

Market and opinion research, customer surveys

Market and opinion research, customer surveys

In order to improve our products and services and adapt them to customer requirements, we conduct surveys with different target groups: on the one hand with people who do not use the train and on the other hand with people who use a railway operator (irrespective of which) or people who use ÖBB. We thereby commission market research companies or conduct the surveys ourselves. Persons to be surveyed can be selected either completely randomly or based on social statistics or usage-specific factors. Contact with participants can be implemented via the pools of respondents for market research companies ‒ carried out without our input at the sole responsibility of partner operators. Or we invite interested persons in general, without individually addressing participation in the survey. In case of specific survey topics we also address customers of ÖBB PV AG.

Establishing personal reference is not intended for any surveys. All surveys are conducted completely anonymously. This is true even if we write to you directly as customer or you have declared your consent in advance to participate in a survey.

We only receive or compile an overall evaluation of data, which do not show individual interviews or persons.

If we address our customers directly, we will then exclusively contact people who have given consent thereto.

Should we conduct the survey in cooperation with a market research company in specific cases, we shall conclude a separate confidentiality agreement with said company in advance of a customer survey, laying down the secure handling of your data specifically for the individual case. In particular this Agreement shall ensure that the company will not transfer your data to other market research institutions and other third parties for surveys for their own purposes.

In any case you are not obliged to take part in any of our customer surveys.

Usability tests

If you apply as a test user, you can take part in usability tests conducted by our company for the further development and improvement of our ticket and timetable tools. Each test is subject to separate conditions of participation (see website). In this case we will contact you as a possible test user and request your participation in future tests. Naturally your participation in each individual test is voluntary.

You are entitled to revoke your consent at any time and declare that you no longer want to be contacted for further tests.

Cookies, web analysis and social media

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files or codes, which contain information units. These text files are stored on your hard drive or in the main memory of your browser if you visit one of our websites. Thanks to cookies, the contents of our websites can be structured more easily and devices on which you have previously visited our websites can be identified. We use cookies to gain a better understanding of the functioning of applications and websites and to analyse and optimize the user experience when using our websites online and on mobile devices.

Cookie categories

We primarily use cookies from the following categories on our websites:

Operationally necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary to allow you to use our websites as intended and make all functions available to you. Without such cookies the requested services cannot be provided. These cookies do not record information about you and do not store Internet locations. Absolutely necessary cookies cannot be deactivated on our site. However, they can be deactivated at any time on the browser that you use.

Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary for certain applications or functions of the website, allowing them to be duly executed. This may for example include cookies, which store implemented settings such as a visitor’s language setting or even – assuming your prior consent – pre-completed forms.

Storage period: in the event of a session cookie for the period of the session, or in the event of your prior consent for the period of your consent.

Analytical cookies

These cookies collect information on user behaviour for visitors to our websites. For example, a record is kept of which websites are most frequently visited and which links are clicked on. All recorded data are stored anonymously with information for other visitors. Using data obtained by these cookies, we can compile analytical evaluations on our website using Piwik and thereby continually improve the user experience.

Storage period: in the event of a session cookie for the period of the session, in all other cases (for example for our web analysis service PIWIK) for a maximum three years.

How long are cookies stored on my device?

The time that a cookie stays on your device depends on whether it is a persistent cookie or a session cookie. Session cookies only remain on your device until your browser session is finished. Persistent cookies remain stored on your device, even after you have completed a browser session, until such time as the preset time for the cookie has expired or it has been deleted.

PIWIK (Matomo) web analysis

Our websites and digital dialogue with our customers (e.g. newsletter) use Piwik, a web analysis service. Piwik uses cookies, which allow us to conduct an analysis of the use of our websites.

For this purpose, usage information generated by the cookie (including your abbreviated IP address) will be transferred to our server and stored for usage analysis purposes, which on our part serves for website optimization. Your IP address is immediately anonymized in this operation, meaning that you remain anonymous to us.

Information generated by cookies on the use of our websites shall not be transferred to third parties.

You can prevent the use of cookies through an appropriate setting in your browser software. However, in this case it may happen that not all functions of our websites can be used in full.

If you do not agree to the storage and evaluation of data in relation to your visit and the use of our websites, storage and usage may be objected to at any time (see terms of use for the website www.oebb.at). In this case a so-called opt-out cookie is stored in your browser, resulting in Piwik not collecting session data.

For technical reasons, specific data and information must be collected and stored for visits to our websites, e.g. websites used, time and duration of visit and data made available by the used browser (e.g. on the operating system and used system settings). We use such data and information anonymously in order to design our offer in a user-friendly way and technically optimize our offer.

Should you provide personal data or information on our websites, we can continue to use them within the framework of the legal requirements of TKG [Telecommunications Act] without your further consent. Use for advertising or marketing purposes, or transfer to third parties, which requires your separate prior consent, shall be exempt from this. We will separately inform you about any communications to other ÖBB affiliated companies (e.g. in the event of a concern, complaint, etc.).

Should you access the abovementioned offers on our websites or switch to these websites, we will share data provided by the browser with such operators. We are generally not responsible for contents offered on these external sites, both with regard to data protection and to the technical security of the data and information provided. Please note in this context that external providers use technologies for personalization of advertising.

If we provide a contact option through an input screen on our website, this communication is encrypted on the https protocol. Please note that the confidentiality of other communications on the Internet, in particular via email is not guaranteed, and we therefore recommend not transmitting confidential data and information by email.

Social media

Social media plugins

We have embedded contents from external providers, such as Facebook, youtube, Twitter, on individual websites or we will transfer you to the websites of external providers. We could not identify any legal violations at the time of linking. When disclosing such a legal violation, we will immediately remove the link. In order to be able to recommend and share contents in social networks, for example Facebook, Twitter and Google+, corresponding buttons are integrated into the platform.

These buttons only transfer data to external providers or other third parties if you press the corresponding button as participant. We have prevented an immediate transfer of data to external providers or other third parties in case of mere access to our websites. As a result, it is completely up to you to activate transfer in the individual case.

Sweepstakes on social media and in the customer magazine

If personal data are recorded by participants within the framework of a sweepstakes on social media, they shall exclusively be collected, processed and used for the purposes of implementing the sweepstakes, unless you have specifically granted your consent for the use of your personal data for other purposes, or use of data is required in the individual case for legal or other overriding reasons (thus for example in the event of a legal or other regulatory request or in the event of legal or regulatory disputes).

We will delete or anonymize collected and processed data following expiry of the statutory period of limitation (i.e. usually after three years have elapsed). The same applies to any messaging history in social media. We cannot assume any responsibility for the correctness, up-to-date nature and completeness of data that you have disclosed personally. In your own interests, please therefore ensure that data disclosed by you are correct, up-to-date and complete.

Our quality measures

If you contact us by email with requests, suggestions or criticism, we would also like to ensure that we have performed our service to your satisfaction. After replying to your concerns, we will therefore ask how satisfied you were with our service.

This constitutes an internal quality assurance measure. For reasons of objectivity and automated processing, we employ a processor for this purpose, to conduct this automated query on our behalf. In order to do so, we will exclusively hand over your email address and customer number to the processor. We shall not provide this processor with the opportunity to inspect your data, to use your data for other purposes or transfer them to third parties.

Before employing the processor, we have assured ourselves that it will provide a sufficient guarantee for lawful and secure use of data.

How we protect your data

By information security we mean:

  • confidentiality of data;
  • data integrity; and
  • data availability.

In order to guarantee information security, we have established organizational framework conditions and protective measures, which conform to the latest technology.

This includes:

  • load distribution;
  • firewalls;
  • encryption;
  • security tests;
  • system reviews; and
  • ongoing monitoring.

Access rights are only granted to our employees in the absolutely necessary extent, specifically to the role. The use of such access rights is recorded.

Your data shall be protected by a secure online connection (TLS) between your PC and our servers, depending on the browser configuration, with at least 128 Bits.

Security measures for the system in the event of purchase on the ÖBB App or an online purchase were developed based on the following standards:

  • ÖNORM A 7700 (standard for the security of web applications);
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard); and
  • ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard).

The system therefore fulfils the security standards of the Application Verification Standard 2010 (ASVS) and was also tested by an independent expert. ASVS 2010 represents the leading current standard for IT security. Moreover, the ÖBB App was developed in accordance with requirements of data protection law and continually adjusted to new requirements.

Use of processors

By processors we mean our contractual partners, who process personal data on our behalf (example: maintenance of our databases).

We currently employ processors for the following activities:

  • for customer card production and shipment thereof;
  • for communication of contract renewal and dispatch of other printed forms;
  • for the implementation of quality measures and customer surveys;
  • for ticket sales by cooperating partners distributing ÖBB tickets on our behalf;
  • for the operation and maintenance of our customer databases; and
  • use in the individual case

We only employ processors for our lawfully conducted data processing. We always assure ourselves in advance that the individual processor is suited to service performance, in particular that the processor provides a sufficient guarantee of secure and lawful use of data.

Processors that we have selected only receive personal data from us to the extent that is absolutely necessary.

Our processors have contractually undertaken:

  • to solely use personal data for the purpose of the contract;
  • to delete personal data after to the purpose of the contract is complete;
  • not to share personal data with third parties;
  • not to use personal data for their own purposes; and
  • to comply with new obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (e.g. keeping a register of processing activities, conducting a data protection follow-up assessment as required, etc.).

Before employing a processor, we conclude a written agreement with the processor, in which special obligations are imposed on the processor and its employees, and they again are subject to a separate confidentiality obligation. We impose certain data security measures on the processor to ensure that customer data and data processing are sufficiently protected.

Information on the scope and consequences of incomplete data provision

We have extensively informed you about the purposes of our data processing, categories of data recipients, the legal basis and framework conditions, the storage period and about your rights and the scope of data processing. In case of any data processing we have taken account of the fact that data collection and the scope of data are limited to the absolutely necessary extent. When we ask you to disclose data, this means it is necessary in particular, in order that:

  • you can purchase a product or service from ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG or a cooperating partner (e.g. tickets, customer card, transfer service, timetable query, mobility service etc.);
  • we can check on your entitlement (e.g. within the course of validation, identification check for certain applications);
  • you can assert your rights and other claims (e.g. passenger rights, enforcement of any personal or property damage, reimbursement claims, etc.) or contact us with other concerns or complaints; the same applies to ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG;
  • in the event of a malfunction or any other event or circumstance that is important to you;
  • provided you have granted your consent in advance - we can include you in our direct mailing campaigns and data and web analyses or incorporate you into our quality assurance or customer surveys.

If you fail to comply, or to fully comply with our request for data disclosure, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to comply with or process your above-mentioned purchase request or other concern.