ÖBB Business Trips

Good for business. Even better for the environment.

You catch your breath. The environment breathes a sigh of relief. Anyone who puts their business travel on track with ÖBB creates a clear win-win situation, and also has the costs under control at all times.

Green business trips with ÖBB: a summary of the benefits

For companies and travel managers: You can benefit from ÖBB's business conditions from the first euro of turnover. This not only saves costs but your nerves too. A simple booking process and various payment options make managing business trips easier than ever. Our ÖBB Key Account Managers will be happy to help you plan your journeys.

For passengers: And what about on the train itself? Look forward to a mobile office that never gets stuck in traffic. You can prepare presentations and meetings better in comfort, with a range of different services and an absence of distractions. The journey home is equally relaxed. Now there is enough time to catch up in peace, or simply enjoy the opportunity to switch off.

For the environment: ÖBB is one of the largest climate protection companies in Austria. Measured in terms of CO₂ emissions, rail travel is 30 times more eco-friendly than the average car and even 50 times less damaging to the climate than air travel*. This is because 100% of ÖBB's traction current comes from renewable energy sources.This is how we will still be able to do good business in the future - on a healthy planet.

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  • Business Hotline
  • +43 (0)800 0800 11/6 from Mon-Fri 07:30 - 17:00 (working days)
  • business@pv.oebb.at

Let's go! Integrated mobility for ÖBB business trips.

Our services for business travellers do not finish on arrival. At ÖBB 360°, the future of integrated mobility has already begun - in urban areas, you can get to your appointment quickly from the station by bike or e-scooter. Our Rail & Drive car-sharing service is also available at certain locations after your train journey. 

Sometimes travelling by plane is unavoidable. You can make use of ÖBB's services to reach Vienna-Schwechat Airport.

An ÖBB Railjet from Austria's regional states arrives at Vienna-Schwechat Airport every half hour. With the new early morning connection from Oberösterreich and western Niederösterreich, even morning departures are no longer a problem.

* We calculate your savings based on the kilometres travelled with us per year, which is multiplied by the difference in carbon emissions between a car and train journey per person-kilometre, as calculated by the Federal Environment Agency. You can find more information about this at the Federal Environment Agency.