Sparschiene Kampagne, Reisende blickt aus Fenster

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Low-cost travel with Sparschiene.

Discover the most beautiful cities in Austria and across Europe at the Sparschiene price!
How does it work? It’s simple: open the ÖBB App, choose your favourite city, book a Sparschiene ticket and you’re ready for your adventure! There’s no need to break the bank to enjoy eco-friendly, flexible and comfortable travel from Vienna to Budapest, Munich, Prague, Venice, Salzburg or Innsbruck. Tickets can be booked as early as 6 months in advance. Sparschiene tickets are available for day and night services. Day services are available from any start station.


Did you know that you can search for the best prices in the ÖBB Ticketshop and in ÖBB App: Just enter your desired departure date and the connections will be sorted to show you the lowest price.

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With Sparschiene, you can travel throughout the entire country. You can find all information and details on your booking at ÖBB Sparschiene Austria, ÖBB Sparschiene Europe and ÖBB Sparschiene Nightjet.