Klimaticket Ö

One for all: one ticket for travelling across Austria

The Klimaticket Ö allows you to use public transport services in all nine federal provinces: that includes all participating transport associations, city transports, bus companies as well as ÖBB trains and private railway companies within Austria. The included transport services and all further information can be found at klimaticket.at.

Your advantages at a glance

Low-cost travel across Austria - even with children

The regular price of the Climate Ticket Ö is only € 1,095.- per year, or just € 821.- per year for young people, senior citizens and people with disabilities. For an additional € 110.- per year, you can take up to 4 children under the age of 15 with you free of charge using your Klimaticket Ö. 

The Klimaticket Ö is available online and throughout Austria at any ÖBB ticket counter, as well as at the service points of the other sales partners.

ÖBB extras at a glance

Jubelpackerl for the KlimaTicket Ö

In 2023, ÖBB turns 100, and to mark the occasion, we have put together an exclusive Jubelpackerl for all KlimaTicket Ö customers. These new bundle is only available with an ÖBB customer account and can be purchased via the ÖBB App, the ÖBB Ticketshop or at the ÖBB ticket counter during the promotional period, which runs until 22 May 2024.

The Jubelpackerl for the KlimaTicket Ö* costs just € 100.-, is valid for one year, and includes the following benefits:

  • 30% discount when upgrading from 2nd to 1st class 
  • 50% discount on seat reservations for long distance trains with ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG
  • Birthday Sparschiene offers: Access to special Sparschiene offers that are only available to those with a Jubelpackerl for the Klimaticket Ö include (1st class upgrades, international offers)

In addition, as a thank you for celebrating with us, we will give you a voucher for two first class upgrades when purchasing your ticket**.


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Do you have a valid Klimaticket Ö and would like cheaper reservations? Then the ÖBB reservation discount is just the thing for you! For just € 19.90 you can enjoy a 50% discount on seat reservations for 3 months.


Goodwill scheme is expiring: As of 31 May, there will no longer be a discount on upgrades to 1st class with the "KlimaTicket + Vorteilscard" combination.

1st class upgrade to Klimaticket Ö

To continue to enjoy the comfort of 1st class in the ÖBB long-distance trains as well as the 7 exclusive ÖBB Lounges with your Klimaticket Ö, you can purchase a 1st class upgrade for one year.

ÖBB 1st class upgrade
Klimaticket Ö upgrade 1st class upgrade (one.off payment)***
Classic € 1,355.-
Classic Familie € 1,495.-
Youth/ Senior/ Special € 1,030.-
Youth/ Senior/ Special Family € 1,170.-

Exclusive Businessplatz subscriptions

In addition to your Klimaticket Ö, you can also order a low-priced Businessplatz-Abo****.

Subscription prices
No. of units Businessplatz-Abo****
20 units € 240.-
50 units € 450.-
100 units € 600.-

The Lieblingsplatz subscription is no longer available as of 23.5.2023. You can of course continue to use your current subscription until the end of its validity period. 

Buy extras now!

ÖBB extras for the Klimaticket Ö can be purchased in the online ticket shop, on mobile devices in the ÖBB App or at an ÖBB ticket counter, provided that you have a valid Klimaticket Ö on file in your ÖBB customer account.

*Offer valid from: 23.5.2023 to 22.5.2024. Jubelpackerl for the KlimaTicket Ö valid for one year from the selected activation date. Only available to customers with a KlimaTicket Ö and an ÖBB customer account. Only available at shop.oebbtickets.at, via the ÖBB App, and at ÖBB ticket counters. Discounted ticket bookings and reservations only available with a Jubelpackerl for the KlimaTicket Ö and a valid KlimaTicket Ö on your ÖBB customer account. The General Terms and Conditions for the Jubelpackerl for the KlimaTicket Ö as well as the fare regulations and conditions of carriage of ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG apply. 
**Upon purchase, you will be issued a voucher for 2 free upgrades to 1st class in your ÖBB customer account. The voucher can be redeemed up until the expiry of your Jubelpackerl for the KlimaTicket Ö.
 ***Only available with a valid Klimaticket Ö. Price for a one-time payment for a 1st class upgrade to the Klimaticket Ö for 1 year, price is reduced if purchased during the contract period of your Klimaticket Ö. It is also possible to pay in instalments, but please note that the price will differ slightly in this case; you will receive more information at the time of purchase.
**** Businessplatz subscriptions must be used within one year.
This requires a valid ÖBB 1st Class upgrade to the Klimaticket Ö.