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Book selected transport association tickets online and mobile now.

Book now for selected regional network tickets for all federal states online from the ÖBB Ticketshop or by mobile phone using the ÖBB App!

Tickets from all Austrian regional public transport networks are available for purchase from the Ticket Shop.
Now all you do is enter "From" (starting point) and "To" (destination) and you automatically receive a through ticket from ÖBB and the Austrian regional public transport networks, with the right combination of train, bus and tram.

The cheap weekly and monthly tickets for all regional public transport networks in Austria are also available for purchase easily and conveniently online in the Ticket Shop and by mobile phone using the ÖBB App.
These include for example the St. Pölten-Vienna, Vienna Neustadt-Vienna, Bruck/Mur-Graz or Klagenfurt-Villach routes.

Further offers from the transport associations (e.g. cheap network tickets such as leisure tickets or special season tickets) can be found in the ÖBB ticket shop (online, mobile or at the ticket machine) under "All products/regional tickets" or "All products/city tickets".

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The Vorteilscard Senior is recognized by almost all transport associations, i.e. you will receive the senior fare of the respective transport association for all your trips within the transport association.

Offers from the regional public transport networks