Ticket machine

The old ticket machine is now even more versatile. More functions, more information, more stations!

To make sure our customers always find the same user interface to purchase their tickets, on the ÖBB Ticket Machine, the ÖBB Ticket Counter, the ÖBB App or the ÖBB Ticketshop, all approximately 1,000 ticket machines in Austria’s train stations were equipped with a new, contemporary interface.

Developed in cooperation with our customers

The new operating logic was developed with our customers in countless usability tests and feedback loops. More than 20,000 customers from all age groups have provided feedback that was used to further improve the system.

Its functions were continuously adapted on the basis of the customers’ feedback to meet the requirements of various groups of people and to offer our customers maximum service quality.

Reading made easier

Besides significant haptic and colour contrast improvements the new ticket machine now also offers a simple reading mode. Customers tap the field ‘Simple operation’ which makes the display switch to a screen with a high colour contrast and reduced text. This makes reading it even easier.

Our passengers receive comprehensive support with using the new interface

  • Helpful instruction videos that lead through the ticket purchase process step by step.
  • Brochures with practical examples and tips facilitate the ticket purchase process. These are available at the ÖBB Counters.
  • Customers who require help directly on site at the ticket machine can still call the ÖBB Customer Service. Its number (05-1717 25) can be found on every machine, including in Braille. When calling this help line, ÖBB employees will guide you through the purchase process.
  • In consultation with the associations for the blind, the hotline number 05-1717 25 can be found in Braille on every machine. When calling, ÖBB employees will help blind passengers with purchasing their ticket directly on site at the machine.

The benefits of this contemporary user interface are obvious

  • Improved keyboard feel.
  • High colour contrasts facilitate reading.
  • User-friendly colour codes and placement of information and user fields.
  • Step-by-step, logical purchase process.
  • Intelligent display: The most popular destinations and offers at the location are ranked up and displayed first - this makes operation much faster.
  • Tickets to which different discounts apply can be purchased in a single operation.
  • Passengers don’t have to know the fares or the detailed route - the ticket machine shows the options including changing options.
  • Simple operation, full visual accessibility.