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Passengers’ rights

The following rights apply to carriage services in national and international rail transport. In case of delay, train cancellation, missed connecting train, and delay as a result of an accident, we offer you compensation and support subject to the limitations mentioned below.

Compensation and support for

If delays exceeding 60 minutes are to be expected, we will take all reasonable and appropriate measures to alleviate your situation if such measures are available or can be reasonably delivered.

There is NO entitlement to compensation, refund or reimbursement of costs due to train delays if:

  • the passenger has been informed about possible delays before purchasing the ticket;
  • by continuing the journey with another type of transport service or via another route, the resulting delay when arriving at one’s destination is less than 60 minutes;
  • the delay can be attributed to transport services that are not part of the contract for carriage.

Time-based tickets customers (with the exception of annual tickets)

As a holder of a time-based ticket you receive compensation if you experience a delay of more than 20 minutes where the delay has been confirmed by an on-board staff member or by station ticket counter staff immediately upon your arrival. Should it not be possible to obtain confirmation by those means, please contact the ÖBB-Kundenservice 05-1717 or go to by 12 midnight on the following day to retrieve and print your confirmation: go to the "trains/lines" section and enter your data under "confirmation of delay".

There is a standard compensation sum of € 1.50 for each delay, payable in cash upon presentation of your time-based ticket and appropriate number of delay confirmations at any ÖBB ticket counter - the delays must fall within the period of validity of the time-based ticket. Please note that compensation payments of less than € 4.- will not be issued.

Annual network tickets

a) Line-specific annual linked transport tickets

As the holder of a line-specific annual linked transport ticket, after ordering your first annual ticket you will be notified by us in writing you are eligible to register for our automated compensation system. This requires agreeing to your personal data being used when you purchase the ticket from the respective linked transport system and said has properly transmitted the data to us for the purpose of passenger rights. To register, under "More…" at the top, simply click "Annual ticket holder login" and select the login screen for your linked transport system. Follow the instructions for the electronic login process.

If the punctuality of 95% in local and regional rail traffic prescribed by law is not met, for each month you will be credited 10% of the calculated proportional share of the compensation basis for a month to compensate for the delays. The compensation basis is at least the fare you paid for your annual linked transport ticket minus any mounts for transport by road service transport and urban traffic. This amounts to a maximum of ten times the fare of a monthly zone ticket for the specific rail line you travelled. If we do not meet a 95% punctuality in any month during the validity of your annual ticket, you will be compensated with 10% of the respective compensation basis. Compensations are only paid out over € 4.-. The total of any compensation for delays will automatically be transferred to the bank account specified by you when your annual ticket expires.

Please note, any amounts for bus lines and inner-city areas (urban traffic, central zones) are not included when calculating the compensation amount.

For more details regarding your rights for delays and train cancellations, please refer to point A.5. of our "Guide for travelling with ÖBB in Austria".

b) Network-specific annual linked transport tickets (regional KlimaTickets)

As the holder of a network-specific annual linked transport ticket (regional KlimaTicket), the rules under a) apply accordingly except the compensation basis applies to the respective rail portion of the total fair paid and the average punctuality rate of the rail lines in your region are used.

Please note, due to IT system adaptations necessary due to the quick introduction of the KlimaTicket in Austria, the system may currently not be available at all times. Once the switch has been completed, login availability will be reliable again. This does not affect your compensation eligibility.

To calculate the punctuality rate for line-specific annual linked transport tickets, ÖBB has divided the railway network into the following line sections.

Legal basis

Your rights are based on the standard legal provisions of the Contract for the Carriage of Passengers (CIV), Regulation (EU) No. 2021/782 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April, 2021 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations as well as the transport regulations of the ÖBB Personenverkehr AG. In addition, Part 1, BGB1 40/2013 of the Federal Law Gazette for the Republic of Austria, also applies.

Access regulations for carriage of passengers with reduced mobility

Pursuant to Article 19, Section 1 of the rail passenger rights, railway companies and station operators establish non-discriminatory access regulations for the carriage of passengers with reduced mobility. For detailed information please go to Downloads/Links.