Businessreisender beim Buchen eines Tickets

The ÖBB Business Account

Manage every trip simply with our new account.

Welcome to the new ÖBB Business Account!

It’s not only during the train journey to your next business meeting where you get time to relax and take a deep breath, but now even arranging your travel will also become simpler: Join us in looking forward to the new ÖBB Business Account with improved functions, more clarity and extra payment options. That’s how business trips are booked today!

The facts: The ÖBB Business Account with extended features & improved booking functions

  • The ÖBB Business Account offers improved performance and means that making a booking is faster and easier.
  • More of an overview: Simple mapping of the company structure with departments, cost centres, etc.
  • Assign your employees to different company levels – self-registration by the employee is not necessary.
  • Look forward to new payment options, such as credit card, AirPlus, online transfer or PayPal. Of course, payment made by invoice will still remain possible.
  • Decide for yourself which employee acts as trip administrator, who is able to book their own ÖBB tickets, or who the tickets will be sent to.
  • You can book directly via the mobile app* which has all the features you are familiar with in the web version of the business account
  • The TAN code service means bookings can be flexibly made at the ÖBB ticket counter or via ÖBB customer service.
  • A reporting function and the ticket archive offer even more of an overview of past, present and future trips at the press of a button.
  • Choose between sending your invoice or in the environmentally friendly PDF format.
  • When booking trips, you can have the ÖBB tickets sent directly to the individual travellers by email and have the invoice sent to Accounts by email as well.
  • By travelling by train, you’ll be making an active contribution to protecting the environment: your CO2 savings can be viewed at the press of a button.
Information about using the business account

All the new features of the ÖBB business account are now available to you in the web version and as a mobile app*.
The mobile app offers you a quick and easy way to make a booking, including being able to specify the correct cost centre and payment method in the shopping basket.

Important: Please download the latest version of the app so you can use all the new features of the business account. Latest version: 4.196

* Except for payments with AirPlus, this function will be implemented in a further technical step, probably at the end of November.

Das neue Businesskonto der ÖBB, einfach zu bedienen.

Benefits: Your perfect travel companion

  • Low-cost travel throughout Austria: With your Business Account, you will receive a discount of 20% on all ÖBB standard single tickets for travel within Austria.
  • Inexpensive international travel: You save 20% on ÖBB standard single tickets for trips to Liechtenstein, as well as for the ÖBB Intercitybus to Venice. In addition to this, you receive a discount of 10% on ÖBB standard single tickets for trips to the following countries: Croatia, Poland (some destinations), Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic (some destinations) and Hungary. When travelling on DB-ÖBB EuroCity on the Brenner route "Munich - Innsbruck - Bologna/Milan", you also save 10%.
  • Low-cost overnight travel: When travelling on ÖBB Nightjets, you will receive a discount of approximately 45% in Austria, and a discount of approximately 25% when travelling to Germany, Italy or Switzerland(basis: seat).
  • Frequent traveller bonus: We furthermore grant frequent travellers an ÖBB credit in the amount of 5% of their annual expenditures.
  • No advance payment, transparent costs: All trips are invoiced the following month. Providing a break-down by cost centres or departments is possible.
  • Online booking: You can book standard tickets, tickets for couchettes or sleeper cabins, as well as motorail tickets online.
  • Discount with a Vorteilscard: Employees with a valid Vorteilscard receive a discount of 50% when booking tickets via the Businesscard.

How To create your ÖBB Business Account

Switching is Easy
Existing corporate customers will receive a letter with the next steps explaining how to switch from the Businesscard to the ÖBB Business Account. If you have any questions at any point during switchover, the ÖBB Customer Service/ÖBB Customer Cards will be happy to assist you by telephone on +43 (0)800 0800 11-6.

The first step in switching to the ÖBB Business Account
Register your company in just a few small steps and start building your company structure. As soon as your company data has been successfully verified, you can make use of the business tariff. If you have any questions regarding the ÖBB Business Account, please contact our customer service on +43 (0)800 0800 11-6.

We have compiled the document "How to ÖBB Business Account" to assist you with these steps. The following explains the first steps in setting up the ÖBB Business Account in detail:

  • Registration
  • First login
  • Management: Create business unit(s) and person(s)
  • TAN allocation: Pay at ÖBB ticket counter
  • Booking tickets
  • Who is travelling?
  • Shopping basket and payment