Hall of Vienna Central Station with people

Sales partners

ÖBB tickets, international tickets and reservation services are available from selected partners.

ÖBB tickets, international tickets, and reservation services are also available from selected partners such as some tobacconists, travel agencies, tourism associations and other partners of ÖBB in Austria and abroad.

In Austria

In Europe


  • ÖBB standard tickets
  • ÖBB Sparschiene International
  • Transport association tickets
  • Group discounts
  • Travels with bicycles and dogs
  • ÖBB Vorteilscard and tickets for passengers carrying an Austrian handicapped ID
  • Trips to our neighbouring countries and associated discounts

Not bookable

  • Complex trips abroad
  • ÖBB Sparschiene Austria
  • Bookings via the ÖBB business accounts
  • Redeeming ÖBB vouchers
  • Good-will dicounts
  • Reimbursement (ticket return) is available only for tickets that were issued by the specific sales partner.