Railjet going through the train station

Rolling stock

Available rolling stock for passengers with disabilities.

Long-distance traffic

In long-distance traffic there are over 200 trains daily available (national and international) with possibilities of wheelchair-transport.

Suburban traffic

Also in suburban traffic many trains are able to transport wheelchairs.

A total of 100 Cityjet, 180 Talent and 60 Desiro trains are used nationwide.

Night trains - Nightjet

Passengers in wheelchairs accompanied by another person can chose to comfortably travel in a couchette compartment on the ÖBB night trains’ multi-functional carriage (MFW).

Blind passengers travelling with a seeing eye dog can book the entire compartment for their sole use or use with an accompanying person.

Travelling with your car

You can find all information on travelling on the Nightjet and transport options for your car or motorcycle at nightjet.com. ÖBB already offers people with disabilities a wide range of convenience solutions.