Ticket machine with "Thank you for your purchase" screen

All options to get your ticket

We offer various channels for ticket purchases.

ÖBB offers different channels for you to purchase your ticket. You decide yourself how you want to book your journey...

  • Your quickest option for buying a ticket is online or mobile via our ÖBB App.
  • Another option is at the ÖBB ticket machines.
  • If you need assistance for your booking, please get in touch with the ÖBB customer service at +43 (0)5 1717 or go to one of the ÖBB ticket counters, ÖBB travel agencies and to the sales partners of ÖBB.

Cheaper tickets for online & early bookers

On 1 July 2021, ÖBB will introduce a new price system for standard tickets in daytime traffic: If you buy your ticket early and/or online - i.e. via the ÖBB app or the ticket shop on the ÖBB homepage - you will receive a lower price. The cheapest ticket can be obtained by booking 180 to 15 days before the day of travel. If you buy the ticket fourteen to one day before departure, the ticket is a little more expensive. The highest price is paid when buying the ticket on the day of the trip. Those who buy their ticket online also get a cheaper price than, for example, when buying a ticket at the ticket machine or counter in the ÖBB travel center. When booking online, you not only save yourself the extra trip to the machine or counter, but also book at a lower price. The new price system is only used for ÖBB tickets and not for tickets from a transport association. The discounts with the ÖBB Vorteilscard continue to apply as before.

Buying tickets from our travel consultants

Our travel consultants will be glad to assist you. They can sell tickets, make seat reservations for you and provide you with any information you may need for your journey. Make the most of this personal service - throughout Austria at more than 90 travel centres located at ÖBB train stations.

Tickets for first class and business class are also available at our exclusive ÖBB Lounges. With a first-class ticket, you are welcome to wait for your train in these lounges - free snacks and drinks, magazines and Wi-Fi included.

Buying tickets from our train attendants

You did not have the time to buy your train ticket before starting your journey? On long-distance trains, you can also buy your tickets directly from your train attendant. As part of the initial ticket check, please inform our employees immediately and without being asked that you need a ticket, otherwise you are considered traveling without a valid ticket. ÖBB standard tickets have their own price for onboard sales. Please note that when you buy any other ticket on the train, you pay the onboard price fee of € 3.-.

For self-service routes using regional transport, you need to buy your ticket before starting your journey. Tickets can only be bought from the train team in exceptional cases - if there is no ticket vending machine or ticket counter at the station where you boarded the train.

Buying tickets for ÖBB regional trains

On the ÖBB trains for local transport (REX, R, CJX, S-Bahn) we offer a self-service model. For you as a passenger, this means: you need to buy a valid ticket for your trip before boarding the train.

Did you board the train without a ticket?
Boarding a train without a train ticket is only allowed at stations where there is no ÖBB ticket vending machine or ÖBB ticket counter. In this case, please buy your ticket immediately after boarding the train at the ticket vending machine (located at one end of the train) or contact the team of train attendants as soon as possible.

Which stations have a vending machine or a ticket counter?

Click on station information in the online services. Then, select one station. Under "Equipment", you will find information about ticket counters and opening hours, as well as ticket vending machines and their locations.