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Sparschiene Europe

Here today, gone tomorrow - travel to Europe’s most popular cities.

North, east, south, west: ÖBB Sparschiene Europe brings the whole world to you - the most exciting places are waiting to be discovered by you.

Take the train and save money

  • Discover Europe’s most beautiful cities for as little as € 14.90*: Join ÖBB and travel to your favourite destinations in 2nd class for a reasonable price.
  • Stay flexible and travel without stress from € 29.90*: With the Sparschiene Komfort tickets, you can enjoy more options on your European trip, including seat reservation: from € 29.90* for 2nd class or from € 39.90* for 1st class.
  • Turn the night into day from as little as € 29.90*: With the ÖBB Nightjet, you will arrive in your favourite city fully relaxed.

Sparschiene Europe at a glance

ÖBB Sparschiene allows you to travel to foreign countries from Austria.

ÖBB Sparschiene