Panorama über Zürich in der Schweiz

Sparschiene Switzerland

ÖBB Sparschiene takes you to Switzerland in great comfort - just lean back and save.

Check out the renowned Zurich Opera, enjoy the magnificent mountains surrounding Interlaken and explore the works of art exhibited by Basel’s museums - Switzerland offers many options to have a good time. No matter if you take an ÖBB Railjet, ÖBB Nightjet or ÖBB Eurocity train: You will always arrive at your destination quickly and comfortably.

Take the train and save money

  • With the affordable ÖBB Sparschiene tickets, you can travel on the day train from € 29.90* from Salzburg to Zurich, for example, or from € 39.90* from Vienna to Zurich. For shorter distances such as Bregenz-Zurich there are tickets available from as little as € 14.90*.
  • With the Sparschiene Komfort tickets you can enjoy more options on your trip to Switzerland, including seat reservation from € 19.90*.
  • Tickets are also available for the ÖBB Nightjet (Link: Travel daily and directly from Vienna, Graz or Villach to Zurich while you sleep: in a seating car from € 29.90*, in a couchette from € 49.90* and in a sleeper coach from € 69.90*.

Don't forget to book in due time as tickets are limited.

Your Sparschiene at a glance

Limitless and affordable travels with ÖBB Sparschiene. You can find all information and details on your booking at ÖBB Sparschiene Austria, ÖBB Sparschiene Europe and ÖBB Sparschiene Nightjet.

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