Colorful houses in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Sparschiene Denmark

Scandinavia is so beautiful: Discover the cosmopolitan city of Copenhagen affordably alongside other Danish highlights.

With its romantic canals, colourful houses and a dash of maritime flair, the harbour city of Copenhagen is currently very popular amongst travellers. It has already been rated the "most liveable city in the world" on several occasions. Why? It’s where the cosmopolitan meets the truly relaxed, where modern architecture and a historic atmosphere harmoniously combine, with plenty of green parks contrast with the blue sea.

Want to see more of the sea? ÖBB Sparschiene offers are available during the day for journeys from Austria to Denmark. Aarhus is a charming city on the coast of Jutland, particularly "Den Gamle By", which is an open-air museum featuring "Fachwerkhäuser" (half-timbered houses) that are centuries old. Odense, on the island of Funen, is also a good place to soak up the culture and follow in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen.


Sparschiene tickets to Denmark are only available at the ÖBB ticket counter.

Here’s an extra tip for those who are feeling particularly lively: The ÖBB Nightjet travels overnight to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg - which is always a great trip, and at great Sparschiene prices. On the next morning, take the discounted Nightjet connection ticket and continue on a relaxed day trip to Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense.

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