Sparschiene Poland

City-hopping deluxe: let Poland’s most beautiful cities blow you away with their architecture and vast array of attractions.

Experience pure variety - spend a day travelling from Vienna to Kraków. On the way, you’ll be greeted by the cultural city of Katowice, rich in its mining and culinary traditions. Then once you arrive in Kraków, you can take in the historic old town and enjoy the quaint artists’ district of Kazimierz to your heart's content. Further east is Przemyśl, a Galician gem that was once part of the Austrian Empire. Those who like living life in the fast lane are sure to love Warsaw: Poland’s capital is full of contrasts between the past and the future. Got a fancy for the sea and a cool breeze? Gdansk, which lies on the Baltic Sea, is a must for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

  • There are four direct daytime connections from Vienna to Katowice, three to Warsaw and one connection each to Kraków, Przemyśl, Wrocław (Breslau) and Gdansk. 
  • Our Euronight partner PKP operates a night train that takes you to Kraków and Warsaw.

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