Sparschiene Czech Republic

The best beer, buildings and bridges: the rich history of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia has left a trail of many treasures.

A bit of Paris, a bit of Venice and a dash of Vienna and yet in a league of its own: Prague is enchantingly beautiful. And the Vltava, which flows through the middle of the city and is crossed by the famous Charles Bridge, makes a visit unforgettable. But even away from its banks, there are many adventures to entice you: on the way to Prague, you can make a stop off in tranquil Brno, ten kilometres away from the Polish border waits Ostrava with the legendary Colours Music Festival, the historic Olomouc, for its part, has the second-highest density of important sights in the Czech Republic.

  • Go east - from Graz and Vienna with the Railjet on the 2-hour trip to Brno and Prague. 
  • There are four daily direct connections to Prague and Budějovice (also known as Budweis) - where the beer is especially tasty.

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