Sparschiene Sujet Österreich, Europa & Nightjet

Sparschiene does the trick

Limitless travel at affordable prices - in Austria and Europe, during the day or the night.

Hop on and save! Daytrips in Austria, a weekend trip to Berlin or to Venice overnight - ÖBB Sparschiene takes you to the country of your dreams in an environmentally friendly, flexible way and at affordable prices.

Take the train and save money

  • Lean back and relax from as little as € 9.-*: Travel in comfort within Austria with the ÖBB Sparschiene ticket.
  • Limitless travel from as little as € 19.-*: Take the train or an ÖBB Intercitybus and begin your next city trip fully relaxed.
  • Turn the night into day from as little as € 29.-*: Use your ÖBB Sparschiene ticket and arrive at your destination in comfort and safety on the ÖBB Nightjet and the trains operated by our Nightjet partners.

Your Sparschiene at a glance

With Sparschiene, you can travel throughout the entire country. You can find all information and details on your booking at ÖBB Sparschiene Austria, ÖBB Sparschiene Europe and ÖBB Sparschiene Nightjet.

* Starting price for an ÖBB Sparschiene ticket per person and direction, 2nd class, in the indicated travel category, incl. seat reservation; offer only valid for a specific train and subject to ticket allotment, can be booked max. 6 months (180 days) before departure. Car and motorcycle transport as well as couchette seats and beds (subject to availability) against surcharge. No other discounts apply when booking a Sparschiene ticket. Refund, exchange or additional payments for other trains or days of travel is excluded for Sparschiene tickets. The ÖBB Personenverkehr AG's terms and conditions apply. Tickets and information are available in the ÖBB Ticket Shop, at the ÖBB sales partners, at any ÖBB Ticket Counter and from the ÖBB Customer Service at 0043 5 1717.