Timi Taurus and his friends

Timi Taurus

...Nora Nightjet, Jack Railjet and co! Welcome to our world of trains.

Hello! Nice of you to drop by. Would you like to find out more about us?

We trains live in our train sheds near the station. We have a train wash, a repair workshop and, of course, my train school. Our train children Timi, Cindy, Didi, Desi and Tobi are now slowly entering their train teenage years.

There are exciting times ahead. Especially since we cross paths with baddies from time to time. But I am sure Jack Railjet, Nora Nightjet and their friends will sort it out.

Yours, Teacher Dampf

Timi Taurus and his friends

Train children

Timi Taurus
Cindy Cityjet
Tobi Talent
Desi Desiro
Didi Dosto

Train adults

Jack Railjet
Nora Nightjet
Jana Railjet
Gustav Güterzug
Piti Postbus
Lehrer Dampf