Young people showing the ÖBB app with Vorteilscard

ÖBB App & Web

Online and mobile ticketing - all in one app!

You can quickly and easily get your ÖBB and/or transport association tickets at the ÖBB Ticketshop and through the ÖBB App: No matter whether you book with us online or using your mobile phone, purchasing tickets always works the same way thanks to the uniform interface and is done in just a few clicks.

Personal services & using the app on your travels
The system learns continuously and adapts to your habits. This makes the app simpler to use every time you log in. The app also acts as a guide for your journey and provides you with up-to-date and relevant information (e.g. real-time timetable information, the platform from which my train will leave, where I have to change trains etc.).


Have you created an ÖBB Account yet? You can conveniently store your personal and payment details in your ÖBB Account for faster bookings. You will also benefit from numerous special features and selected offers.

Features of the ÖBB App

  • Tickets for buses, trains and trams 40,000 stations all over Austria. Simply enter your departure station and your destination and the appropriate ÖBB and/or transport association ticket for your desired journey will appear. City, weekly and monthly tickets are also available.
  • Seat reservations with free choice of seat: Choose your favourite seat on board the Railjet for journeys from 13.12.2020 using the illustrated seat reservation system. Simply select the desired Railjet connection, click on Reservation and in the reservation details you will then see "Choose a seat". Just like in a concert hall or a theatre, you will see an accurate seating plan as well as the free seats on the train and can then specifically choose your favourite seat.
  • Exclusive offers such as the Vorteilscard 66, which is only available online and on mobile through the ÖBB Account.
  • Clicked too quickly? You can cancel any ticket purchase you made within 3 minutes after booking with a simple click. This even applies to Sparschiene tickets.
  • Price checker: Sort prices according to the best value ÖBB offers. Watch this video to learn how to do this.
Teenager shows his Vorteilscard in the ÖBB app