Cityjet standing on the platform

ÖBB Cityjet

The Desiro ML - The comfort train for short-distance traffic.

With its aerodynamic front, the ÖBB Cityjet Desiro ML cuts through the air like an arrow in red, white, and red. It’s also in a class of its own when it comes to accessibility. It starts with access to low entrances, open passages, large service zones and strong colour contrasts for better visibility, and extends to handicapped-accessible restrooms. Passengers with restricted mobility feel just as comfortable here as families with strollers and passengers with bicycles.

Features and use


The ÖBB Cityjet is fully air-conditioned and has so-called "Österreich-Sitze" (Austria seats). These comfortable seats were manufactured based on passenger surveys. They have adjustable seats, ergonomic headrests and armrests. Every seat is equipped with a reading lamp, a power outlet and a fold-out laptop table. Passenger information in the ÖBB Cityjet is provided on information screens of up to 26 inches.

With the ÖBB Cityjet, ÖBB caters to different passenger needs. Through light and furnishings, areas for different uses (such as communication, work, relaxation) were created in the red, white, and red train sets. Several service areas provide space for users of wheel chairs, strollers and bicycles.

Comfortable low-floor entrances make it possible to enter easily without steps or ramps. Wide openings, open and quiet passages and strong color contrasts for people who are visually impaired make traveling by rail easier for passengers with reduced mobility.


The ÖBB Cityjet Desiro ML has been in service for the ÖBB since 2015. Until the end of 2022, two versions of the locomotives were in operation: The sets for regional locomotives have 254 seats and 4 entrances per side. In the S-Bahn service, there are sets with 224 seats and 6 entrances on each side of the train. In December 2022, the first of 21 new Cityjets went into service in Vorarlberg. At the beginning of October 2023, passenger service started in the Tyrol where a total of 20 DML sets will follow by mid-2024. Salzburg will receive a further five trains by the end of 2024. These have space for up to 290 passengers.

Cityjet fährt durch grüne Landschaft
Facts about the ÖBB Cityjet
  • In operation since 2015
  • Maximum speed: 160 km/h
  • 3,500 hp
  • Seats: 254 regional train, 224 S-Bahn and up to 290 in the new Cityjet sets starting in 2022
  • Comfort classes: 2nd class
  • Bicycle parking spaces: 24 regional train, 24 S-Bahn and up to 39 in the new Cityjet sets starting in 2022
  • Length: 75 m (3-part sets) or 100 m (4-part sets)
  • Weight: 145 t (3-part sets) or 184 t (4-part sets)
Information about accessibility
  • 2 wheelchair spaces, wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Low-floor vehicle with boarding assistance on the vehicle side
  • Push button for ramp request, tactile elements
  • Auditory and visual information
  • Severely disabled seats
  • Space for service dogs
  • Stroller parking
  • Changing table