Couple with bicycles in the ÖBB Railjet

Your bicycle on the train

On ÖBB trains, you have several options of taking your bicycle along.

Whether you prefer a pleasant ride around a lake or want to conquer the highest peaks on your mountain bike: countless bike trails throughout Austria await you. On ÖBB trains, you have several options of taking your bicycle along.

You can take your bicycle along on most local and long-distance trains. Within Austria, you will need a special bicycle ticket which costs 10% of a full price ticket 2nd class for the route. In addition to this, you can also purchase weekly or monthly tickets for your bicycle. For international routes, we offer you the Biking International Ticket at a price of € 12.-.

Door-to-Door luggage service

If you would prefer not to transport your bicycle by train, you can have it collected from your home and transported within Austria with our convenient door-to-door luggage service.

Tips for alternative bike transport

If you fold your folding bike (maximum dimensions 90 cm wide x 60 cm high x 40 cm deep), you can use it as hand luggage free of charge.

How to get your bicycle ticket

You can buy your bicycle ticket up to six months in advance: online, via the ÖBB App, at the ÖBB Customer Service at +43 (0)5 1717, and from the ÖBB ticket counters.

A note for all e-bikers: Please ensure that the batteries are fully charged before you travel! The batteries must remain on the e-bike during the train journey and must not be charged on the trains.

We ask for your understanding that bicycles cannot be taken on the buses if rail replacement services are necessary at short notice.

Taking your bicycle along on regional trains

For local transport (Cityjet Xpress, regional train, regional express and S-Bahn), we will be glad to take your bicycle along if enough free spaces are available. On these trains, it is not possible to reserve a space for your bicycle.

Small groups may also benefit from the Einfach-Raus bicycle ticket.

Taking your bicycle along on long-distance trains

On long-distance trains (Railjet, Railjet Xpress, Intercity, Eurocity, Express train, ICE, Nightjet as well as the Intercitybus from Klagenfurt/Villach to Venezia and to Trieste), you need to reserve a space for your bicycle. Reservations at the ÖBB ticket shop or via the ÖBB App cost € 3.-. At the ÖBB customer service at +43 (0)5 1717 and at the ÖBB ticket counters, you pay € 3.50 for this.

Please note

Bicycles exceeding our standard dimensions (length over 185 cm, height over 110 cm, width over 60 cm, tire size from 29 inches, a width of more than 4.2 cm and a maximum weight of 30 kg) or tandems, recumbent bikes, and bicycle trailers can only be transported in special luggage compartments. For these, online reservations and reservations via the ÖBB App are not possible.

We cannot take only electrically powered vehicles with us.

Hints for your departure

  • To make travelling by train and bike a pleasure from the outset, we recommend arriving on the platform 5 to 10 minutes before departure.
  • Your reservation confirmation (for long-distance trains) shows which carriage your reserved bicycle space is located in. Please refer to the carriage indicator (information board) on the platform in advance to find out which sector the bicycle carriage will stop in.
  • Before the train arrives, please remove all items of luggage (e.g. panniers) from your bicycle. Boarding and loading can then take place without a rush.
  • If your bicycle is very dirty, please clean it before boarding.
  • You are personally responsible for loading your bicycle. When boarding and alighting, please ensure that you do not damage the train or your bicycle.
  • In order for your bicycle to be stowed securely for the train journey, most long-distance trains are fitted with bicycle hooks. Local trains have designated areas with straps for securing your bicycle safely. Please lock your bike.