SWISS Air Rail

Six daily connections between Bregenz and Zurich Airport.

SWISS Air Rail combines trains and planes: We can get you from Bregenz to Zurich Airport in 1h 16min and from there to anywhere in the world. In cooperation with SWISS and Lufthansa, we offer six daily connections in each direction between Bregenz and Zurich Airport.

SWISS Air Rail connections can be booked for LX or LH flight numbers with a connection flight from/to Zurich. Bookings can be made through the SWISS or Lufthansa sales channels or directly at your travel agency. SWISS Air Rail connects you to all SWISS or Lufthansa destinations from Zurich with just one ticket for both the train and the flight.

The advantages are clear: The SWISS Air Rail guarantees a connection in the event of a delay. In addition, Miles & More members also accrue award and status miles with SWISS Air Rail tickets.

Your boarding pass is also your ticket for the booked train-flight connection. You will receive your boarding pass when you check in, which can be done online or via the SWISS or Lufthansa app. Your luggage will stay with you until you reach Zurich airport.

Bregenz (XGZ) - Zürich Airport (ZRH)
Train number Flight number Departure Arrival
EC198 LH3571 / LX9101 09:00 10:16
EC196 LH3573 / LX9103 11:00 12:16
EC192 LH3575 / LX9105 15:00 16:16
EC190 LH3577 / LX9107 17:00 18:16
EC98 LH3579 / LX9109 19:00 20:16
EC96 LH3581 / LX9111 21:00 22:16
Zürich Airport (ZRH) - Bregenz (XGZ)
Train number Flight number Departure Arrival
EC97 LH3570 / LX9100 07:43 09:00
EC99 LH3572 / LX9102 09:43 11:00
EC191 LH3576 / LX9104 11:43 13:00
EC193 LH3578 / LX9106 13:43 15:00
EC197 LH3580 / LX9108 17:43 19:00
EC199 LH3582 / LX9110 19:43 21:00

All connections operate daily.

Bookings available from 11 May 2022
Commencement date from 1 July 2022

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