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Line numbering system for the Eastern Region

Clearer, simpler: Short and precise line designations for better orientation.

More than 60% of all public transport passengers in Austria travel in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, and the demand for eco-friendly mobility will fortunately increase in the future as well. To provide our customers with simpler and improved orientation, there are now consistent line designations in the eastern region, which make train travel with ÖBB even easier.

So what's new?

Until now, trains had different numbers, even if they were running on the same route. These have been replaced by precise and consistent line designations - these are short and easy to remember. It's a system that has already proven its benefits on the S-Bahn and U-Bahn.

The new designations are implemented everywhere and used consistently in all our passenger information: on the destination displays on the train, the screens on the platform, in SCOTTY, on network maps and in announcements on the trains and at the station.

And how does it work?

The designations are made up of the train type and the line number of the respective route. The train type indicates how often a train runs, how often it stops and how fast it travels:

  • A regional express (REX) is a fast train that stops at selected stations. These are usually in larger towns and cities with multiple interchanges.
  • A regional train (R) generally stops at all stations along a route, including small towns. Unless a suburban (S) train runs in parallel.
  • An S-Bahn (S) provides inner-city transportation and connects the city center with the surrounding area of Vienna, runs at shorter intervals than regional trains, and stops at all stations along a route.

Example: All regional express trains running from Vienna Floridsdorf via Vienna Airport to Wolfsthal will in future have the designation REX 7.

The network of lines in the Eastern Region

The network map with the line numbers shows you the entire ÖBB local transport offer of the Eastern Region as well as the subway network in Vienna.