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Tauern motorail

Across the Alps without traffic jams

Kein Autotransport zwischen 16.04. und 28.04.

Die Autoschleuse Tauernbahn ist in der Zeit vom 16.04. - 28.04. außer Betrieb, es wird in dieser Zeit kein Autotransport möglich sein.

Der Fernverkehr wird planmäßig abgewickelt.
Es verkehren folgende ASTB Züge ohne Autotransport jeweils:

  • Mallnitz/Obervellach - Böckstein, Abf 05:50 und 06:50 Uhr
  • Böckstein - Mallnitz/Obervellach, Abf 06:20 und 07:20 Uhr

Die Jahreskarten Autoschleuse Tauernbahn gelten in diesem Zeitraum jeweils in den Fernverkehrszügen von Mallnitz/Obervellach - Bad Gastein oder umgekehrt.

Across the Alps without traffic jams: ÖBB's Tauern motorail offers an attractive alternative to the Tauern Motorway. We transport your car or motorcycle through the Tauern tunnel between the Gastein Valley in Salzburg and the Möll Valley in Carinthia. Our trains run every hour, the passage takes 11 minutes.

Time schedules for the motorail service

  • Departure from Mallnitz-Obervellach towards the North (hourly at minute 50): first train at 05:50 a.m., last train at 10:50 p.m.
  • Departure from Böckstein towards the South (hourly at minute 20): first train at 06:20 a.m., last train at 11:20 p.m.

Price overview

Price overview Tauern motorail
Type of vehicle Price
Passenger vehicle or motorbike (up to 3,5t) € 17.-
Weekly pass (Passenger vehicle or motorbike up to 3,5t) € 61.40
Monthly pass (Passenger vehicle or motorbike up to 3,5t) € 112.10
Annual pass (Passenger vehicle or motorbike up to 3,5t) € 244.50
Passenger vehicle with trailer (up to 3,5t) € 27.-
Trailer (up to 3,5t) € 10.-
Truck or Bus (over 3,5t) oder Wohnmobil (3-axes) € 50.-
Bicycle € 5.-
Pedestrian € 3.-
Want to take your bike with you?

Between 30 April and 12 October, the car transport train will be upgraded with a designated bicycle carriage.
Loading starts 15 minutes prior to the train's departure and ends 5 minutes prior to the train's departure. Passengers and pets may not remain inside the vehicle during the trip.