Scotty Mobil am Smartphone

SCOTTY mobil

With SCOTTY mobil, you can access schedule information for any type of public transport at any time in order to plan your route.

With SCOTTY mobil, you can access schedule information for any type of public transport at any time in order to plan your route. The app is available free of charge for all current smartphones, tablets and operating systems - from Android over Apple iOS to BlackBerry.

What you can do while you are on the go

  • Plan your trip with public transport
  • Retrieve maps of the surroundings
  • Save personal schedules
  • Access real-time information for connections
  • And much, much more...

Your rail schedule information on the go

Unique in Austria
Geared towards the Apple iOS design and just as user-friendly, SCOTTY mobile provides access to the timetables of all public transport operators in Austria, offering complete and uninterrupted information. SCOTTY mobile shows you maps of the surroundings for any address in Austria on your iPhone and iPad. This way, you will always find the quickest way to walk from the station to your target destination on the map.

Maps of the surroundings, also available offline
A map of your surroundings, including a zoom function, is downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and is then available offline whenever you need it. This way, you will always find your way from your last stop to your destination by foot.

Take me Home
You can rely on SCOTTY mobile. No matter where in Austria you are - the service will take you home with only a few clicks.

Real-time information
With SCOTTY mobil, you are always up-to-date. Through real-time information via Internet, the current departure and arrival times as well as delays are registered.

Easily find stops and stations near to you
Via GPS, SCOTTY mobile searches for stops and stations in your proximity. You can immediately use any station found as the starting or destination address for your search. You can also display the departure and arrival times for the stations and stops.

ÖBB Train Radar
The ÖBB Train Radar displays all ÖBB trains currently in operation on a map of Austria. By clicking on a train, you can access real-time information - current location and punctuality - as well as the next stops. You can limit the selection to certain types of trains (e.g. Railjet or S-Bahn) as well as individual trains.


SCOTTY mobile does not run on iPhones, iPods or iPads with an operating system that has been modified by a jailbreak.

If you own a JAVA-compatible device, you can install SCOTTY mobil easily and directly via your browser on the mobile phone.