Young people getting on the ÖBB Railjet

Time cards & free transport for pupils

We are the perfect transport partner for commuters.

Be it to work, to university or to home to the family: many of our passengers regularly travel the same route by train or bus. With the zone tickets offered by ÖBB and the Austrian transport associations, you as a commuter can save money day in, day out.

Your transport association zone tickets

Transport associations offer uniform fares within a certain region. Your advantage: you can use several means of transport with one single ticket based on one common fare system. A transport association ticket also offers you access to urban transport in many larger cities.

Transport association zone tickets are available from all members of a transport association, the ÖBB ticket vending machines and the ÖBB ticket counters, as well as aboard the ÖBB Postbuses. The following options are available:

  • Day pass, weekly or monthly ticket (also transferable to other persons)
  • Annual ticket
  • Semester ticket (for individual transport associations)

You can get information about fare zones and fares at the ÖBB stations and at the respective transport association.

Your ÖBB zone tickets

For routes beyond the boundaries of the zones of individual transport associations, you will need an ÖBB zone ticket. This allows you to travel in 2nd class on the requested route as often as you wish during the ticket's period of validity. Against a surcharge, you can also avail yourself of the comfort offered by 1st class. The following zone tickets are available:

  • Weekly ticket (valid for 7 days, transferable to other persons)
  • Monthly ticket (valid for 30 days, transferable to other persons)

Free travel for pupils and apprentices

Save money and learn something for life!

Pupils and apprentices pay almost nothing when they commute between their home and their school or training location.

All you need for this is a valid pupil identification card or apprentice card. And you need to pay your own contribution, which currently amounts to € 19.60 per school or apprenticeship year. With most transport associations, you can furthermore apply for a free transport pass. All you need is a confirmation from your parents and your school or training facility.

In addition to this, all transport associations offer the option of expanding the area in which this transport pass is valid to the entire federal state by either purchasing a surcharge ticket to your free pass or applying for such an enhancement and paying a higher price.

The free transport pass for pupils and apprentices is issued as a transport association ticket and applies to all public transport operators on the chosen route.