The immersive exhibition experience.

The myths surrounding Pharoah Tutankhamun have been fascinating people the world over for more than 100 years now. Opening on 19 October 2023, TUTANKHAMUN - THE IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION EXPERIENCE will present a new, digital multimedia highlight to the public in Vienna’s Marx Halle and carry visitors away to much-mythologised Ancient Egypt and its secrets. Almost hand in hand with the child-king Tutankhamun - the icon of Ancient Egypt - visitors will immerse themselves in a world full of godlike rulers, architectural wonders of the world, burial chambers full of gold and into secretive funerary practices. 

Following the success of MONET’S GARDEN and VIVA FRIDA KAHLO, the organisers of these events are bringing the next spectacular, immersive exhibition experience to Austria. Almost exactly 100 years after the sensational discovery of the pharaoh’s burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings, from 19 October 2023 a 2,000 m² exhibition space will bring to life the Ancient Egyptian world of gods and pharaohs in Vienna’s Marx Halle. Almost hand in hand with the child-king Tutankhamun - the icon of Ancient Egypt - visitors will immerse themselves in a world full of godlike rulers, architectural wonders of the world, burial chambers full of gold and into secretive funerary practices. 

The multimedia highlight TUTANKHAMUN - THE IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION EXPERIENCE first opened in November 2022 in Madrid, Spain, and was curated by MAD - Madrid Artes Digitales in their digital art centre MAD. The exhibition proved popular, with more than 325,000 visitors in the space of eight months. The exhibition received recognition in the form of several prestigious international prizes. The immersive exhibition experience TUTANKHAMUN is scheduled to have its international premiere in the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Giza, Egypt, this November.

The immersive story takes visitors back to a fascinating civilisation that continues to fascinate us to this day with its mysteries that lie buried in desert sands and under the waters of the Nile. TUTANKHAMUN - THE IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION EXPERIENCE transports visitors to an age when the Gods of the land of the pyramids awoke and resurrects the imposing temples of Ancient Egypt to life in front of the visitors’ eyes so that they are as impressive and flamboyant as they looked in their prime. 

The discovery of the sumptuously decorated and almost untouched burial chamber of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun on 4 November 1922 made the British archaeologist Howard Carter world-famous overnight. It is also the original voice of Howard Carter that accompanies and guides visitors as they discover what is likely the most spectacular archaeological find in history. 

The realistic show is supplemented by an augmented reality experience in Tutankhamun’s burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The interactive experience room will give visitors the opportunity to find out more about hieroglyphics, to immerse themselves in the world of archaeology and, as Howard Carter did in 1922, discover life-size archaeological treasures. In the virtual reality section of the exhibition, guests will become heroes and heroines on a convoluted journey through the Book of the Dead until they reach Osiris’s judgement tribunal and discover whether they will pass all the tests to be granted eternal life in the Field of Reeds, or Aaru - the afterworld of Ancient Egypt.

Opening on 19.10.2023, Alegria Exhibition presents this fascinating exhibition produced by MAD (Madrid Artes Digitales) in Vienna, which transports visitors to Ancient Egypt and brings its greatest secrets to life.

This is where art meets the latest technology, but what do the terms virtual reality, immersive and augmented reality actually mean? 

"Virtual reality" (VR) refers to a digital, artificial world that is brought to life using special software and hardware and offers an immersive experience. The high-definition displays of VR glasses make it possible to project 360° or 3D content and audio media that allows the user to immerse themselves thoroughly in the virtual world.

"Immersive" describes the effect in which the viewer immerses themselves in a multimedia illusion of images and sounds and perceives the resulting projection as real. 3D mapping projection systems are used to project content such as graphics, animations, images or videos on three-dimensional objects, producing a completely unique atmosphere.

The term "augmented reality" refers to a computer-assisted projection that adds fictional aspects to the real world. Digital elements are added to the real world directly and in real time on a screen, such as a tablet or a smartphone, before the viewer’s eyes.

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