Close-up of a Nextbike bike

Nextbike at ÖBB stations

Travel to your bike station by rail

Would you like to make a truly environmentally friendly excursion? At 56 ÖBB train stations in Lower Austria and Burgenland, our partner nextbike operates bicycle rental stations. With a Vorteilscard, the first hour of your bicycle trip is free.

How to get your nextbike

  • 1. Registration
    - Register once via App, or hotline 02742 22 99 01
  • 2. Rental
    - scan the code on the bike
    - lock opens automatically, or open the lock with the indicated code
  • 3. Park
    - select "Parking" in the app and lock the bike
    - to continue the ride, confirm "continue rental" in the app
  • 4. Return
    - return only at official nextbike station
    - lock bike
    - confirm return via app or hotline

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