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Travel by train for a better climate

Good for people and environment.

CO₂ saved by ÖBB passengers since the 1st of January 2020

2500000 t

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As an ÖBB passenger, you’re part of the biggest climate protection community in Austria - just ask Greenpeace!

Because every time you choose to travel by train instead of by car, you’re saving vast amounts of CO2. Our CO2 counter shows just how much CO2 has been saved this year by the customers of ÖBB. And it just keeps getting better and better: by the end of year, you’ll have helped us save something closer to 2.5 million tons.


It would take a growing forest five times the size of Vienna to trap as much CO2 in its wood as ÖBB saves every single year.

CO2 savings of 2.5 mio. tons

Your ticket to a sustainable future

From now on, you’ll be able to see on every single ticket you buy how much CO2 you’re saving by taking the train instead of making the same trip by car. This is our way of saying thank you for your ongoing support. Because it’s only your contributions that make it possible for us to protect our future environment from the drastic effects of climate change.

CO2 ticket imprint example

Austria gets greener and greener - step by step

ÖBB customers save approximately 2.5 million tons of CO2 every year.

But how, did we come up with such an enormous figure, you may be wondering? Let’s look at how much CO2 can be saved on a single train journey compared to travelling the same distance by car. A journey between Linz and Graz, for example, saves you an incredible 51 kg, while from Vienna to Innsbruck it’s as much as 123 kg! When you factor in the millions of people ÖBB transports by train every year, it soon adds up.

CO2 car vs train Lines with savings in tons

Source: ÖBB Sustainability Report 2019

100% für den Klimaschutz

In a collaboration with environmental protection organisation Greenpeace, ÖBB will be switching 100% of its rail operations over to run on green electricity this year. That means we’ll be able to save even more CO2, compared to car journeys.

The collaboration with Greenpeace isn’t just limited to the objective of operating our rail services with green electricity alone, however. The final goal is to design all our rail operations to be CO2-neutral. The environmental organisation is acting as a consulting partner to ÖBB, and together we’re working every day to protect the environment and guarantee a liveable future for our children.

Find more information about the effects of climate change and how you can actively contribute to protect our climate on Greenpeace’s website.