Prices and processing times for applications for ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG network compatibility licence

The extensive liberalisation of the rail business, along with §41 of the Austrian Railways Act, have led to an enormous increase in the number of applications for rail vehicle compatibility checks. In order to guarantee freedom from discrimination, we have to specify maximum application processing times from the time we receive the completed documents to when we issue the definitive statement (approval or rejection). Of course we do all we can to avoid putting planned service/traffic starts at risk, and we try to complete the process more quickly than the times noted below. At the same time, we do ask for your understanding if the heavy workload causes any increased waiting times.

Processing duration:

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG compatibility check Duration
New vehicles 5 months
Licence extension 3 months
Vehicles that are identical to others that already have a licence 3 months
Vehicle build changes or software changes 3 months
Vehicles deployed in accordance with § 36 of the Austrian Railways Act (test runs) 2 months
Industry sidings 2 months
Exceptional cargoes (collaboration with NZ-GaS) 2 months

In order to beat these times, we ask you to involve us as early as possible. We can save time if we can do our work in parallel with the development or construction of vehicles.

Prices for network access approval (German version)