Digital Radio GSM-R

By Europe-wide agreement the technical standard GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication – Railway) was defined as the future radio system for European railways.

Shutdown of analogue radio on lines after implementing

Please consider: The analogue radio will be shut down on lines when GSM-R is implemented. At this moment only GSM-R is available.

GSM-R Roaming Connections

For GSM-R, roaming connections are currently possible with the following neighbouring countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy
  • Netherlands

A six-month period should be allowed from registration to full roaming connection.

Public roaming (the possibility of telephoning the public GSM network) is currently not offered in Austria.

For further information, please consult ÖBB NOC GSM-R.

SIM card and/or terminal ordering

The required GSM-R SIM cards are provided by ÖBB-IKT GmbH. Based on the completed order forms - ÖBB-IKT GmbH will make an offer for the provision of GSM-R SIM cards. Railway companies of the ÖBB group submit their requests via the „Workflow Tool“. In case services are requested beyond the minimum access package (Basis CAB Profile) the provision of each GSM-R SIM-card costs € 9,50 (net) per month. For the production and preparation of each SIM-card a one-time activation fee of € 29,- (net) will be charged.

GSM-R on the Infrastruktur AG Network
You can find the current network construction and service entry plans here.

GSM-R Network Construction

GSM-R Service Entry Plan

GSM-R Network Construction

GSM-R Service Entry Plan

For more information, please visit our German-speaking website.