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Discover the diversity - 22 apprenticeships with ÖBB

We are one of the largest trainers of apprentices in Austria, and offer first-class vocational education in many occupations. From commercial apprenticeships, such as forwarding merchants, or training in the area of mobility service, to technical apprenticeships such as track construction technology, motor vehicle technology and systems electronics or metalworking and electrical occupations - it is all available. It is even possible to complete an apprenticeship with Matura (Austrian school-leaving certificate), which opens the path to study at universities and universities of applied sciences.

What we can offer you

In addition to high quality vocational instruction in an apprentice-training facility which has received several government awards, we offer you many additional opportunities during your training time.

  • Additional training courses which greatly exceed the occupational requirements and which enable you to take part in national and international apprentice contests
  • Foreign language courses and assistance with internships abroad
  • Seminars for personal development (rhetoric, communication, conflict management ...)
  • Sports and health programmes (e.g. outdoor activities, nutrition)
  • The opportunity to participate in special projects (e.g. Apprentices against Hate and Violence, health and integration projects, traffic safety projects, cultural projects, nature and environment projects…)
  • Apprentice Award
  • Excursions
  • Preparatory courses for the final apprenticeship examination