Rules and Standards

We draw up and revise operational Rules and Standards, and continually develop them. We grant exceptions and provide authoritative interpretations.
We approve and/or provide operational training content and establish the guidelines for such training.
We comment on draft standards for other business units, and agree standards with other railway companies.
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Password-protected information is only accessible if you have permission. The password is issued to approved RUs, RUs pending licensing, and official bodies. Every RU has a contact at ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, and will have received a username and password. Passwords may also be issued for legal reasons, particularly to freight forwarders, freight carriers, shippers, research institutes, and regional authorities.

Operational Standards
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Network access Rules and Standards
Instructions/procedure instructions
Descriptions of stations and stops
Service instructions
Provisions at borders
Service regulations (El 52, V3, V2, ZSB, M26)
Print forms
Route-specific timetable documents
Profile catalogue for exceptional cargoes
SIRE info - safety information

Technical rail vehicle licensing
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Rail vehicle technical instructions / information (German version)
Licensing documents (German version)

Infrastructure planning documents (

Infrastructure planning documents (German version)

Crisis management handbook
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Crisis management handbook

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Abo- Tool
Bubi- Tool

Route information for external parties

Route information for external parties

Rules and Standards - on the internet under "Fassung"

When new Rules and Standards are issued, two documents are available on the intranet/internet until the new Rules and Standards come into force: one marked "Gültig ab" (valid from) (e.g.: DA ZSB 5.pdf) and one marked "Gültig bis" (valid until) (e.g.: DA ZSB 5.pdf Fassung). Depending on the system, the filenames for expiring (Gültig bis) Rules and Standards will also include the term "Fassung". This means that all files ending in "Fassung" are only applicable until a certain date. Editions are deleted once they become invalid.