Groups of 10 or more people

We are happy to help you plan your trip.

Are you planning a rail journey or an excursion with ÖBB for a group of more than 9 people? Please fill out the group trip enquiry form with details of your desired trip. We will check availability and get back to you by e-mail or phone.

Group trip enquiry

  • Your group consists of at least 10 people travelling together.
  • Fill out the group trip enquiry form.
  • Please also enter an alternative travel option under “Comments”, if applicable.
  • You will receive a quote for your trip within a maximum of 5 working days.
  • A down payment of 30% of the trip price is required for fixed bookings.
  • You will receive your travel documents / tickets after full payment.
  • Free seat reservation for groups of 10 or more on trains within Austria. 
  • Seat reservation is compulsory for groups of 25 or more passengers on long-distance trains (RJ, RJX, EC, ICE, IC, D).
  • Separate provisions for travelling with a Schulcard.

Do you prefer to talk to someone in person?

Group sales team (15 people and above)