Gondolas on the Grand Canal in Venice

Sparschiene Vienna-Salzburg-Venice

From one capital to the next at affordable prices with ÖBB Nightjet.

Passionate for Italy? For as little as € 29.90* the ÖBB Nightjet takes you to Venice daily. Depart from Vienna, Linz and Salzburg to discover the Grand Canal in Northern Italy. Is there a better feeling than being woken up by the sun and starting one’s holidays directly in Venice? Leg room and service included -  Mamma Mia!

Take the train and save money

With the ÖBB Nightjet, you can travel comfortably from Vienna to Venice from € 29.90*.

The Nightjet provides the following comfort:

  • 2nd class seat including reservation
  • Couchette coach compartment with breakfast
  • Sleeper coach compartment with breakfast
  • Private compartment for 1-3 adults

Don't forget to book in due time as tickets are limited.

Your Sparschiene at a glance

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Sparschiene Italy