Discover the south of Germany

Travelling around south Germany? The offers provided by our partner regions guarantee variety: inquisitive art-lovers will enjoy Aschaffenburg and its Christian Schad-Museum - found out all there is to know about this "master of the New Objectivity". Visitors to Lake Constance can discover magnificent palaces and castles, in Passau there is no shortage of culture in this City of Three Rivers and the twice-honoured UNESCO world heritage site Regensburg invites visitors to immerse themselves in a journey through time in the medieval centre. Sustainable holiday experiences with a small CO2 footprint can be gathered in Franconia for example, in the region around Stuttgart there are many fine wines to be tried in line with the slogan "Urbanity and steepslope winegrowing" and in Munich no less than 20 helpful apps are available to ensure you do not miss any of its highlights. Looking for adventure? You cannot afford to miss the Europa-Park in Baden-Württemberg. At this renowned XXL adventure park, there are 15 different theme areas dedicated to a range of European countries and regions - an authentic and adventurous discovery trip. And anyone then wishing to relax and savour Alpine spa feeling can hop on a train to Bad Reichenhall - and follow the history of salt mining and salt baths in the region.