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ÖBB Österreichcard

For anybody who travels frequently.

Be it from home to work or from Vienna to Lake Constance: with the ÖBB Österreichcard, you can travel anywhere throughout Austria for an entire year. Simple climb aboard the next train and head off - to wherever and as often as you want, without ever needing a separate ticket.

The most important advantages

  • With the Österreichcard, you save time and money.
  • Many private railways included: With the Österreichcard you can also travel on selected private railways in Austria.
New for you: Car-sharing at the train station

With ÖBB Rail&Drive, we offer you low-cost connecting mobility at many Austrian railway stations. If you have a valid ÖBB Österreichcard and register with ÖBB Rail&Drive for the first time, you receive a travel credit of € 60.-. Further information and registration options can be found on the homepage of ÖBB Rail&Drive.

Further advantages (until further notice)*

  • Free seat reservation: Make yourself comfortable on your favourite seat.
  • You can also travel abroad inexpensively: With Railplus, you receive a 15% discount on all cross-border rail travel in Europe.
  • Discounts on upgrades: If free seats are available in 1st class, you can ask for an upgrade at half the regular price (at the ÖBB ticket counters or directly on the train). This offer is good until further notice.
  • Admittance to our exclusive ÖBB Lounges: With your Österreichcard 1st class you are allowed to enter one of our seven ÖBB Lounges. If you have an Österreichcard 1st class and an international train ticket, you have also access to the partner-lounges of the Railteam-Alliance.
  • Enjoy your holidays: With your Österreichcard, you receive discounts when booking with ÖBB travel agencies as well as special rates with ÖBB Rail Tours.
  • Low-cost transport to the airport: The Vienna Airport Lines take you to the Vienna-Schwechat airport for a discounted fare.
  • Rental bicycles at the train station: At 60 ÖBB train stations in Lower Austria and Burgenland, nextbike operates bicycle rental stations. With an Österreichcard, the first hour of your bicycle trip is free.

* These benefits are non-binding extra-contractual benefits to the Österreichcard and are valid until further notice.

Acceptance of the Österreichcard by private railways

The ÖBB Österreichcard can also be used on most private railways in Austria. The following map offers an overview of the routes of the private railways which accept your ÖBB Österreichcard.

Acceptance of the Österreichcard by private railways. Long distance- and private railway-routes are highlighted.

Choose your ÖBB Österreichcard

With your annual network ticket, you can travel throughout the entire country with ÖBB as well as many private railways for a whole year. Be it for families, students or senior citizens: we have the right Österreichcard for everybody.

Price overview Österreichcard
Österreichcard 2nd class Price/day 1st class Price/day
Classic € 1,889 € 5.20 € 2,839 € 7.80
Family € 2.024 € 5.60 € 3.034 € 8.40
Jugend € 1,154 € 3.20 € 1,669 € 4.60
Senior € 1,329 € 3.70 € 2,089 € 5.80
Spezial € 1,154 € 3.20 € 1,669 € 4.60

Pay as you prefer: You decide whether you pay the entire amount when ordering your card or whether you prefer to pay in monthly instalments.

Kundin hält Österreichcard Classic

ÖBB Österreichcard Classic

With the Österreichcard Classic you can travel by train throughout Austria for an entire year for as little as € 5.20 per day. There are no special requirements for this card.

ÖBB Österreichcard Family

As parents with children, you can travel within Austria at a particularly low rate. With the Österreichcard Familie, you can travel by train during an entire year for as little as € 5.60 per day. It is valid for up to 2 parents, as well as all children under the age of 15 for whom you receive a family allowance. Parents and children receive their own cards, so that they can also travel by train alone at any time. Please note, you have to prove your family relationship. Please bring proof of family benefits for your children. In the case of different surnames of the parents, the parents or stepparents must be present by means of a marriage certificate or proof of their common place of residence.

ÖBB Österreichcard Jugend

Whether you are commuting to university or want to head off on your holidays: with the Österreichcard Jugend, all of Austria is waiting for you - all year long, for as little as € 3.20 per day. This card is available to anybody below the age of 26 (until 1 day prior to the 26th birthday).

ÖBB Österreichcard Senior

For holidays, visiting family or excursions: with the Österreichcard Senior, you can travel by rail throughout the country for one year - for as little as € 3.70 per day. This card is available to anybody above the age of 63. Please note that this age limit will be increased by one year in 2020.

ÖBB Österreichcard Spezial

Wanderlust knows no limits. Even if your mobility is limited, you are welcome to make the most of our rail travel offerings. With the Österreichcard Spezial, you can travel by rail throughout Austria for one year - starting at € 3.20 per day. You will need an Austrian certificate of disability or an Austrian certificate of severe war-related disability with the following entries: level of disability of at least 70% or an additional entry "...can claim discounts on transport rates in accordance with the Federal Disabilities Act (Bundesbehindertengesetz)".

How can you get your ÖBB Österreichcard?

You can get your Österreichcard from any ÖBB ticket counter or from travel agencies selling ÖBB tickets. The card can be purchased up to a month prior to the requested start of the validity period and is valid for a period of 12 months. The Österreichcard will be issued in your name and is not transferable.

How to get your card

  • Order: Obtain an order form from an ÖBB sales point, complete it and hand it in again.
    • Österreichcard Classic, Jugend, Senior and Spezial: please bring along a portrait photo.
    • Österreichcard Familie: please bring along a portrait photo of both parents (no photos of children required).
    • Österreichcard Blind: you do not need a photo.
    • Österreichcard Zivildienst: please bring along your valid notice of assignment, as well as a photo identification card. A photo is not required.
  • Pay: You pay your Österreichcard on site or provide us with a SEPA direct debit mandate (direct debit order). We also offer you the option of paying in instalments: when ordering, you pay the first two monthly instalments. The remaining 10 monthly instalments will be debited to your account free of interest.
  • Go: With your temporary ÖBB Österreichcard, you can immediately hop aboard the next train. You will receive your permanent card by mail approximately 10 days after ordering.

Expiration of validity

Approximately 2 months prior to expiry, we will notify you by mail.

  • Have you provided us with a direct debit order? In this case, your card contract will be automatically renewed, if you don't object in due time.
  • Did you pay your Österreichcard cash? In this case, you will receive a payment instruction from us. This will allow you to comfortably renew your card.