Ausstellung von Banksy im Museum

The Mystery of Bansky - A Genius Mind

The sensational exhibit in the Lösehalle of the Linz Tobacco Factory

He is world famous and yet is still a mystery - Banksy, the Bristol-born and to this day anonymous graffiti artist and painter, who is famous for calling into question the limits of the art market and who has made headlines with his work for years. Now the sensational exhibition "The Mystery of Banksy - A Genius Mind" is visiting Austria for the first time. From 19 November 2021, you can view the popular success in the Lösehalle of the Linz Tobacco Factory.

The exhibition shows a presentation never seen there before with more than 100 pieces by the celebrated street art superstar: graffiti, photographs, sculptures, video installations and prints on various materials such as canvas, fabric, aluminium, forex and plexiglass have been reproduced and compiled especially for this special exhibition. "The Mystery of Banksy - A Genius Mind" gives the visitor a comprehensive overview and insight into the complete works of the genius and exceptional artist in an elaborate and unique setting. In keeping with Banksy’s motto "Copyright is for losers ©TM", this homage and the works shown in it are not authorised by the artist due to his anonymous status.

Who is Banksy?
You can’t talk about street art without mentioning his name: Banksy, probably the most famous and also most mysterious graffiti artist in the world. The approximately 45-year-old Brit has successfully kept his identity secret thus far. His work, on the other hand, conquers not just the streets but also the international auction houses, and very successfully too. He is currently one of the most expensive artists of the moment! Banksy is an underground fighter, hotel operator and without doubt the undisputed king of street art, a genius ghost and star artist who touches people with his sometimes ironic, sometimes political, but always poetic work and speaks to them from the heart. As early as 2010, "Time Magazine" placed him on their list of the 100 most influential people in the world, alongside personalities like Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga.  

To date no one knows who Banksy is or what his real name is, but everyone knows his pictures, which appear overnight on the walls of cities all over the world and sometimes make provocative commentary on global events. In the meantime, the phantom of the art world has long since written art history. Millions of people, including those who are not art afficionados in the classic sense, know and admire his motifs. In particular, his newest works, such as the painting "Game Changer" as a dedication to hospital staff in Southampton or his guerrilla campaign with the now world-famous rats on the London Underground, have recently made him ever more popular. Many of his pictures have also made their way into everyday commercial life.

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Price overview

Price overview Banksy exhibit
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Adults € 18.90 € 21.-
Children 7<16 years € 11.70 € 13.-

Valid from 19.11.2021 - 20.03.2022
Children up to the age of 7 are free