Subject for the Upper Austria regional exhibition

Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition 2021 - Steyr

Work creates prosperty

A city that recounts the history of our society

Emergence and crisis, struggle and rebellion, great luxury and small pleasures, industrialisation and innovation, present and future. From 24 April to 7 November 2021, the Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition will relate moving stories of workers, citizens and nobles that still shape the city and the mentality of its people today at three locations in Steyr - Innerberger Stadel, Museum Arbeitswelt and Schloss Lamberg.

Let's talk about work, wealth and power

We want to get to grips with our own experiences and habits and exchange views on them against the backdrop of these historical narratives: How do we want to work? How should wealth be distributed? Who should have power at their disposal, and how much?
We invite you to get involved, put yourself in others' shoes and play along with us with field research on current labour issues, incisive formulas of prosperity and power games.

Three venues and the entire city

The Museum Arbeitswelt presents the delights and travails of everyday life for workers. In the Innerberger Stadel, you will be introduced to the urban lifestyles of citizens and intellectuals of yesteryear. And in Schloss Lamberg, you will embark on a journey back through time to the glamorous world of the nobility.
In addition to the three main venues, the whole of Steyr - with its quiet corners and busy streets - will become a place to experience and enjoy. There are stories hidden away all over the city! The scenes from the stories in the exhibitions are barely a stone’s throw away.
If you would also be interested in knowing what Viennese Schnitzel has to do with Steyr, come along to the Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition 2021 - ideally by public transport, the eco-friendly way. After all, the Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition 2021 is a Green Event and places great emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection.

Opening hours:

24 April until 7 November 2021
daily from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm

Included services

  • Admission to the Regional Exhibition 2021

Destination station: Steyr

Note on the redemption of the ÖBB Plus

You travel as planned, and on either the same day or one of the two following days, you simply exchange the voucher directly at the touristic attraction.

Price overview

Price overview Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition
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Adults € 7.- € 10.-

Valid from 24.04. - 07.11.2021
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