Close-up of the certificate "Train drivers are CO2 savers"

Green wins

The environment loves rail passengers.

Flights and car journeys ensure a solid supply of CO2 to our atmosphere, thereby damaging our climate. To ease your conscience, you can either make compensation payments or maybe even drive an electric car - provided the route is not too long.

Or, as an alternative, you can travel easily and comfortably by train. Because while you save yourself long passport controls, poor airplane air or traffic jams, the environment is also happy: railway passengers are CO2 savers. To be precise, in terms of CO2 emissions, a train is 15 times more climate-friendly than an average car and 31 times more climate-friendly than an airplane.

Our business customers are currently saving the environment a total of 24,184 tonnes of CO2 with their decision to travel by railway. This corresponds to the consumption of 3,600 cars on one trip around the globe. We therefore say thank you to the particularly committed CO2 savers among our business customers with the Green Event.

Because we think that environmental awareness is something you should be proud of. That is why we issue CO2 Savings Certificates to companies as proof of their effective environmental management. Be it your nerves, your time or our environment - everyone wins when you travel by train.

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