Railjet at the Vienna Airport station platform

Business travels by rail

Taking a deep breath ahead of long hours of meetings: Travel to your business appointments by rail.

In the end, time is always tight. The presentation could do with a final round of fine-tuning, the speech is not structured perfectly yet, and a little rest before the upcoming meeting would also not be the worst thing... How good that you can make the most of your journey to your business meetings.

By taking a deep breath or being productive instead of being distracted doing 140 km/h on the motorway or trapped in an aircraft seat that reveals every company secret to whoever may be sitting next to you. On the contrary: you can relax completely, on the train.

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While you are productive, you not only save time, but also hotel costs. On our Nightjets, you will sleep at least as well as in a hotel, and you will arrive perfectly rested for your business meeting.

Talking of business: with the business tariff business travellers save even more. At the same time, you are also protecting our environment - from the unnecessary CO2 emissions of a journey by car or airplane. This way, you are not only relaxed and productive while travelling, but can also enjoy a clear ecological conscience.

Give it a try and choose to take the train on your next business trip. And while others are still annoyed by endlessly long passport controls, too narrow airplane seats or sudden traffic jams, you simply hop aboard a train, take a deep breath, and relax.

Should it be impossible to avoid a flight, at least your trip to the airport can offer all the advantages of a relaxed train journey: Every half hour, an ÖBB Railjet coming from the Austrian states arrives at Vienna Schwechat Airport. With the new early connection from Upper Austria and Western Lower Austria (arrival at VIE at 05:57 a.m.) early morning departures are no longer a problem.

With our personal advisory service focused specifically on our business customers, we are at your side, actively supporting you as your partner for business mobility. Our advice does not end at the station - we are also happy to support you when you continue your journey with car-sharing and the like. Here, you will find all the contact details for our business travel specialists.

Work in a relaxed atmosphere - arrive in great shape!