With the ÖBB rail schedule, you have a clearly structured route planner for public transport at your fingertips. With only a few clicks, you can plan your trip from door to door - comfortably from your home.

Your advantages

  • Route planner for public transport throughout Austria
  • Enhanced search functions (mode of transport, bicycle transport, wheelchair spaces)
  • Visualisation of foot paths on clearly structured maps
  • Tips for hotels and sights in the surroundings

Plan your route from door to door

With the ÖBB rail schedule, you simply create your route from A to B. Simply enter an address or a public transport stop as your starting point and destination. If you do not know the house number, you will receive suggestions. Even if you only have a vague idea of where you want to go, we will help you: simply mark your starting point and destination by clicking on the interactive map of Austria.

The rail schedule now shows your trip by public transport. All distances to be travelled by foot are taken into account. In addition to this, you receive real-time information on ÖBB trains: you can find out if the train is on time or by how many minutes it has been delayed. The route calculation also includes current disruptions of the train schedule.

Connections within Austria

The ÖBB rail schedule covers a large portion of Austria's public transport network. The following schedule data is integrated into the system:

  • All connections with ÖBB trains and ÖBB post buses in Austria
  • Many further rail connections in Austria
  • Public transport in all federal states (Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Vienna)
  • Numerous rail connections throughout Europe
  • Approximately 90 % of the Swiss bus routes

Functions offered by the ÖBB rail schedule

The ÖBB rail schedule offers you many helpful features for your route planning. Here, you will find a quick overview of the most important services.

Entry of places

You enter the name of a place. The rail schedule shows the stations which are located closest to the centre. All train and bus stops in the ÖBB rail schedule are linked to each other. Because of this, combined connections can also be displayed. If trains and buses run parallel (e.g. in valleys), you simply enter the station once, and the best possible connection is displayed.

Entry of train stations, subway stations and bus stops

The notation of train stations, subway stations and bus stops was standardised in the ÖBB rail schedule. The actual name may deviate slightly. A station written with capital letters includes the entire city or municipality. If you select this, the connections which bring you to the centre or the most commonly used train and bus stations are shown.

Examples for names

  • Aigen-Schlägl = train station or stop (only name of town without further information)
  • Mödling Badstraße = bus stop (name of town, with name of the stop added)
  • Stainach-Irdning Bahnhof (Vorplatz) = bus stop on the train station forecourt or in the immediate vicinity of the train station

Quick entries

In your rail schedule query, you can specify districts using an abbreviation (e.g. the license plate number). Please note: In Austria, two hyphens are required after the abbreviation (for example "K-- to W--" for "Klagenfurt to Vienna"). For short entries within Germany, the hyphens are not required (for example "K to W" for "Cologne to Wuppertal").

Search by postal code

You can also find towns and cities in Austria through the rail schedule by entering the postal code.

Search for rail replacement bus service

All rail replacement bus services in Austria are included in the ÖBB rail schedule with the replacement stop actually used. For rail replacement buses in other countries, this is currently not possible due to technical reasons. For this, the rail schedule uses the train station name with the amendment "Bus stop not at the train station".

The rail replacement service buses can be recognised by the label "Bus" (without a bus line number) or the abbreviations "SV" or "SEV" ("Schienenersatzverkehr" = German term for "rail replacement bus service"). Price information and bookings for trains with permanent and planned rail replacement service are not possible online.

Further information on the ÖBB rail schedule is available in the Online Help.