Alpine Küche

Upper Austria & the Salzburg region

A culinary day

Next stop: Upper Austria

Beer and knödel

The round protagonists of Upper Austrian cuisine, knödel are available in savoury varieties such as bread dumplings, bacon dumplings and spinach dumplings or in sweet varieties such as quark dumplings and apricot dumplings.

There are less dumplings and more international high-end cuisine at Philip Rachinger's Mühltalhof. The restaurant's kitchen and chef have been awarded 18 points and three toques by Gault Millau. The restaurant includes a hotel and is located directly on the Mühl river - it's the perfect place for culinary connoisseurs.

Upper Austria is a hop-rich paradise for beer lovers, boasting over 50 breweries and 100 varieties. This includes the brewery Beer Buddies. It’s here that Andreas Weilhartner and Christian Semper produce craft beers from regional hops.

And don't forget a sweet detour to the state's capital: the Linzer Torte and its characteristic diamond pattern over the currant jam is the sweetest flagship of Linz. By the way: The oldest torte recipe in the world dating from 1653 even refers to the Linzer Torte.

Next stop: The Salzburg region

Alpine cuisine and a sweet classic

Crystal-clear lakes in the Alpine foothills, alpine meadows, forests, a captivating mountainscape and glacier regions in the high mountains make Salzburger region a special excursion destination.

Alpine butter, mountain cheese, fresh pasture milk: using these simple ingredients and a pinch of creativity, you can quickly conjure up a gourmet menu in Salzburg and the surrounding area. Enhanced with mushrooms from the forest or with unusual varieties such as shiitake or oyster mushrooms from Andreas Eibl in the Flachgau region, fresh char from the Salzkammergut or spicy herbs from the alpine meadow.

That is alpine cuisine. One chef stands out among the rest: Andreas Döllerer sources the best ingredients from the region and transforms them into the finest gourmet cuisine: The gourmet chefs in the Salzburg region set the bar high by combining regional foods in a refined way.

But tradition is also important in Salzburg: Salzburg's sweet delicacies even spoiled Mozart and the prince archbishops: Bauernkrapfen (farmer's doughnuts) or the famous Salzburger Nockerl (soufflé) testify to this.

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