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Carinthia & Styria

A culinary day

Next stop: Carinthia

Slow food

The state of Carinthia boasts crystal-clear lakes and an impressive mountain world. But it is also the state that places particularly high value on slow, conscious enjoyment.

It was not by chance that the Lesach, Gail and Gitsch valleys and Lake Weissensee became the world's first Slow Food Travel Destination. Gourmet artisans have always lived the slow food philosophy here. And in keeping with this spirit, they are happy to let you look over their shoulder and impart their knowledge. Catching your own fish or experimenting with Reindling recipes are just two examples of culinary excursions in Carinthia.

Carinthian cuisine is a mix of everything from home cooking to gourmet cuisine from the Alps to the Adriatic. Fresh fish from crystal-clear waters such as those at Lichtengraben Castle, asparagus from the Lavant Valley or Carinthian Kasnudeln (cheese noodles) are just a few of the delicacies on offer.

The latter enjoy a decades-long tradition, but are willingly elevated to new realms of flavour by innovative geniuses. Such as in the kitchen of Gipfelhaus Magdalensberg, where even grandma Marlene invented new fillings for the traditional dish 20 years ago.

Next stop: Styria

Between vineyards and gourmet kitchens

Styria is often referred to as the "delicatessen of Austria". And rightly so: from the alpine pastures to the vineyards in the south, west and east to the special crops, regional specialities are cherished and cultivated.

Styrian delicacies include baked chicken, pumpkin seed oil, runner beans and tasty products from winemakers and fruit growers. Styria is also the largest apple-growing region in Austria. Whether in the form of crunchy, sweet and sour table fruit, apple vinegar, cider or apple strudel served hot from the oven, apple country enriches Austrian cuisine.

Classics such as runner beans from Michaela Summer or apples from the traditional Schneeflock fruit farm are not the only things worth visiting Styria for. Chokeberries and pawpaws also grow here on account of the special soil. The Köck family is happy to provide you with more information during a guided tour of the special orchards. To finish off, have a sip of the chokeberry juice - it will boost your immune system.

The many chefs in Graz, the capital of culinary delights, invite you to get to know the city in an epicurean way. A culinary tour of the city of Graz is a special treat for the taste buds.

Get out into nature and enjoy the wine: When you know that taverns await you with their homemade specialities ranging from ham to runner bean salad, it is even easier to cycle through the vineyards of Styria on an e-bike.

You can find even more inspiration for your culinary holidays at austria.info/kulinarik.