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haus.kultur 2020

Railaxed and safely to the Styrian neighbourhood concerts

You enjoy musical highlights and cultural performances at unusual locations? Then visit one of the Styrian neighborhood concerts hosted by haus.kultur. As a special impression the organizer has set the goal to relocate all concerts from conventionally dedicated event rooms to everyday living spaces. And for a relaxed arrival and departure use the trains of the S-Bahn Steiermark.

haus.kultur programme 2020

haus.kultur programme 2020
Event Date/Time Location/Address
Respect! 07.08. / 20:00 Kulturhausplatz Liezen
Smart City Sounding 08.08. / 17:00 Waagner-Biro-Straße 63-63d, Innenhof/Graz
Morgenrot 15.08. / 05:30 Volkskundemuseum, Paulustorgasse 11-13, Innenhof/Graz
Klangzauberei & Hexentanz 16.08. / 19:00 Höller Fliesen, Am Grünanger 13, Gratwein - Straßengel Bahnhof 20.08. / 19:00 ÖBB Production GmbH, Hbf. Graz
Beethoven´s Klavier 23.08. / 19:00 Maria-Pachleitner-Straße 22-28, Graz
Geschichte(n) im Museum 25.08. / 19:00 Volkskundemuseum, Paulustorgasse 11-13, Innenhof/Graz
Jiddisch für Fortgeschrittene 28.08. / 17:00 Max-Mell-Allee 6, Innenhof/Graz
house warming concert 19.09. / 17:00 Neue Wohnanlage Q7, Maria-Pachleitner-Straße 31-61, Graz
Tango furioso 22.09. / 19:00 ASZ Judendorf, Gewerbepark 10, Gratwein-Straßengel

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