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Travel to Friuli Venezia Giulia with MICOTRA

Travel in an environmentally friendly, comfortable and stress-free manner

Travel in an environmentally friendly, comfortable and stress-free manner – the MICOTRA trains take you to the most beautiful excursion destinations south and north of the Carinthian Alps four times a day. The trains are operated by ÖBB and the regional Friulan railway operator Ferrovie Udine Cividale (FUC). The cross-border rail connection opens up a new dimension for daily passenger transport. The two train pairs operate between Villach and Udine (on the weekends to/from Trieste) and offer room for 150 passengers and their bicycles. Good news for cycling fans: The trains are the perfect complement to the Ciclovia Alpe Adria international bicycle trail.

Your journey is our goal - ensuring that you travel quickly and safely

On the weekends within the period mentioned, there is an additional local transport service from Villach to Udine. With the S-Bahn line 41 from Arnoldstein to Tarvisio-Boscoverde, four further transfer connections to the local trains to Udine have been established.

How to travel by train

Price example: For a single journey from Villach to Udine, adults pay € 13.00, while children pay € 6.60.
The tickets are available at any ÖBB ticket counter, from any ÖBB ticket vending machine, online at oebb.at , via the ÖBB App, and on the MICOTRA trains.

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Your timetable at a glance

Villach - Trieste Centrale

Timetable Villach - Trieste Centrale
Station daily* daily*
Villach Hbf. dep. 09:45 dep. 19:29
Villach Westbf. dep. 09:49 dep. 19:33
Villach Warmbad dep. 09:52 dep. 19:36
Tarvisio Boscoverde dep. 10:22 dep. 20:05
Pontebba dep. 10:42 dep. 20:26
Carnia dep. 10:57 dep. 20:42
Venzone dep. 11:03 dep. 20:47
Gemona d. F. dep. 11:10 dep. 20:53
Udine arr. 11:30 arr. 21:13
Palmavova dep. 11:59 dep. 21:42
Cervignano-A.-Grado dep. 12:17 dep. 21:58
Trieste Airport dep. 12:24 dep. 22:05
Montefalcone dep. 12:30 dep. 22:10
Trieste Centrale arr. 12:59 arr. 22:39

Trieste Centrale - Villach

Timetable Trieste Centrale - Villach
Station daily* daily*
Trieste Centrale dep. 05:45 dep. 15:50
Montefalcone dep. 06:12 dep. 16:17
Trieste Airport dep. 06:18 dep. 16:24
Cervignano-A.-Grado dep. 06:26 dep. 16:32
Palmavova dep. 06:50 dep. 16:53
Udine dep. 07:14 dep. 17:22
Gemona d. F. arr. 07:32 arr. 17:41
Venzone arr. 07:39 arr. 17:48
Carnia arr. 07:45 arr. 17:54
Pontebba arr. 07:59 arr. 18:08
Tarvisio Boscoverde dep. 08:27 dep. 18:40
Villach Warmbad dep. 08:47 dep. 19:00
Villach Westbf dep. 08:51 dep. 19:04
Villach Hbf. arr. 08:54 arr. 19:07

* The train runs daily between Villach and Udine and back. The following transport days apply between Udine and Trieste and back: Saturday, Sunday; only 9 December to 30 June; also 25, 26, 31 December; 1 January; 19 April to 22 April; 25 April; 1 May

Your bicycle always travels with you

Bicycles can be taken along on all trains. On summer weekends,
additional trains run from Villach to Tarvis, offering direct connections to the Trenitalia regional trains in Tarvis. The timetable shown is only an excerpt, all stops can be found at fahrplan.oebb.at