Those who travel can experience a lot and not always are those experiences positive.

In order to ensure that your property does not end up in the wrong hands, ÖBB and the Federal Ministry of the Interior have some important tips for you:

  • Carry as little cash with you as possible.
  • Distribute your valuables among several bags.
  • Put your wallet and mobile phone in the front pockets of your trousers or inside pockets.
  • Always carry your handbag or your camera on the front of your body. Beware: Handbags with magnetic locks are particularly easy prey for pickpockets.
  • Apply particular caution when walking in crowded areas.
  • People who press themselves against you rarely have good intentions.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended! A few moments can be enough for a thief to get away with your suitcase.

Sleeping while travelling to your destination on a night train:

  • Always lock your compartment.
  • Do not keep valuables immediately next to the door.
  • Observe the safety instructions provided by train attendants.


Make use of ÖBB’s house-to-house luggage service to travel without having to worry about anything!

Should you ever be missing something, please contact a member of our security staff at the train station or the ÖBB train attendant as well as the next police station immediately!

ÖBB's employees maintain close contact with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and can react quickly.