With first-rate connections all over Austria and Europe

With ÖBB, you can travel throughout the region, all over Austria and to Europe’s most beautiful metropolises. From Anif to Zams and from Amsterdam to Zurich.

Find connections and book your ticket!

Discover travel options and special offers, get real-time information on your regular route and book your next train ticket directly from your smartphone. Your ÖBB account stores all bookings - so that you can access your tickets, customer cards and important information anytime and anywhere with the app and stay up to date at all times.

Get the ÖBB App for your smartphone easily via Google Play or the App Store.

With comfort, service and plenty entertainment

With ÖBB, you can travel and relax: on the Railjet with comfortable seats, on-board restaurant, business class, first class, ÖBB’s on-board portal Railnet with WiFi, service and infotainment and much, much more.


With mobility from morning to night

More than 40,000 ÖBB employees are working tirelessly for you day after day to ensure that you reach your morning appointment on time and come home safely late at night.

With great special offers

Whether you are planning a day trip within Austria or a short trip to one of Europe's most beautiful metropolises - you will find the perfect offer right here: