Only three subway stops to Vienna's city centre

Vienna Central Station is very well integrated with the local public transport infrastructure. It is directly connected to one of Austria's most frequently travelled local transport routes, the S-Bahn home line, as well as subway line U1. With these good connections to local public transport, the mobility hub Vienna Central Station / Vienna Meidling can be reached from any subway and S-Bahn train stop in Vienna in less than 30 minutes.

Vienna Central Station

Public transportLine
Underground U1
Suburban train S1, S2, S3, S60, S80
Tramway 18, D, O
Bus 13A, 69A

Vienna Meidling

Public transportLine
Underground U6
Suburban train S1, S2. S3. S60, S80
Tramway Badner Bahn, 62
Bus 7A, 8A, 9A, 59A, 62A, 7B, 15A

Numerous bus and tram lines run by the two train stations. On the U1 line, Vienna Central Station is located only three subway stops away from Vienna's city centre around St. Stephen's Square. With the S-Bahn train, it offers ideal connections from the densely populated areas in Vienna and Lower Austria to ÖBB long-distance trains.