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The future of local and regional transport.

The number of rail passengers has been increasing steadily for years - including in local and regional transport. For ÖBB, this means that capacities need to be increased and the growing demands of passengers must be met,

making ongoing investments and regular upgrades to the vehicle fleet key prerequisites. This is precisely why the ÖBB fleet is currently being expanded to include new, modern and competitive commuter trains.

Reaching our destination together

ÖBB is the first railway company ever to use the TALENT3, making it the European leader in technology and quality. A competent ÖBB project team with representatives from all strategically important business sectors, with many years of experience and considerable expertise in local and regional transport is responsible for the implementation of this challenging project at ÖBB.

Realisation in record time

At the end of September 2017 - only nine months after being ordered - production of the first railcar bodies began.

In general, the ÖBB Cityjet TALENT3 represents a technological evolutionary leap forward in local and regional transport. A further significant novelty: the new Cityjet can - for the first time ever - also be used across borders. Thanks to its innovative technical design as a multi-system train, it is also able to run on neighbouring rail networks - for example in Hungary, Italy or Switzerland.

ÖBB Talent3 Designstudie

ÖBB's longest electric traction unit

With a length of 104.5 metres, the ÖBB Cityjets TALENT3 are the longest trains in ÖBB’s entire EMU fleet. The six-part electric multiple units offer around 300 seats - approximately 100 more than their predecessors. The top speed of 160 km/h also means a further increase by 20 km/h.

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Modular construction

Parts of the interior are modular and can be exchanged. This is a key advantage, especially when it comes to transporting bicycles and skis. In winter, the trains can be equipped with ski and snowboard racks. In the summer, passengers are offered a bicycle compartment with a uniquely designed retaining system that was developed especially for ÖBB. It allows passengers to get on and off quickly and without complications, and offers cyclists seats close to their bikes.

The sophisticated interior includes

  • adjustable comfortable seats with foot and armrests as well as sockets
  • folding tables
  • an innovative lighting system
  • WiFi as well as a modern passenger information system with on-board portal
  • environmentally friendly and intelligent automatic climate control
  • significantly more space for prams, bicycles and additional luggage
  • a variable interior with ample storage space for bicycles, luggage, prams....
  • low-floor entrances with gap bridges for barrier-free access to all doors
  • 2 toilets each, one of which offers barrier-free access

The outwardly curved shape of the wagons which enhances the volume and the train’s continuity (as there are no more separating doors) create the sense of an open, generous space.